Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweetening the Pot: October Group Break

Alright, the group break has failed to fill up, but I don't want to leave anyone hanging. Here's my last attempt to convince more people to join.

Here are the remaining teams:
Angels $10.50: Colin (paid)
Astros $10.50: Alec (paid)
Blue Jays $12.37: BS (paid)
Padres $13.05: BS (paid)
Pirates $16.10: Cardsplitter (paid)
Rays $10.50: Joe from the Southside (paid)
White Sox $13.55: Joe from the Southside (paid)

Here's the deal. Anyone picking up one of these last remaining teams will receive, from my personal collection, at least one serial numbered card of a player from that team. Whether or not you get a hit, you will receive a fairly nice numbered card, and not a crap one numbered to 4,999 or anything like that.

Please join the break, as I don't feel comfortable ordering the boxes unless at least half of these remaining teams are claimed. Let's do this.

You can claim your team on this post in the comments.
PayPal payment can be sent to:


Anonymous said...

I respond well to bribery. I will take the Padres and Blue Jays in addition to my previous purchase of the Yankees and Giants. And I certainly don't have the gall to be picky about which cards you are so generously willing to send me from your collection and I will happily accept whatever I will be sent, but I'll just throw out there that my son really likes Dave Winfield. Thanks so much. Payment on its way.

The payment is from a different PayPal account, by the way. I finally got one of my own.


Cardsplitter said...

I'll take the Pirates. That makes three teams from me. I'll take a Honus Wagner, please.

Anonymous said...

i'll take the rays and sox

joe from southside!

Alec said...

Oh heck, I'll take the Astros in addition to my prior teams. Payment is on its way

Colin said...

I'll finish it out with the Halo's