Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #9

After a whole lotta back-and-forth, my man Jimmy from Alabama and I hammered out a trade that had to involve, in some way, anything. Check the results, homeboys.

#US-139 Jorge Cantu, Turkey Red #TR113 Josh Johnson, Topps Attax Mike Stanton, Joe Mauer, Andrew McCutchen, Nick Markakis, and Joakim Soria

Pile O' Piece O' History (13) (including a few red parallels)

Pile O' Updates (11)

Pile O' Brewers (including a rogue 'roided Raffy)

2010 Allen & Ginter Lords of Olympus #LO2 Poseidon

2008 Topps 50th Anniversary All-Rookie #AR95 Ramon Santiago

*I love, love, love it when people send me stuff from my want lists. I think I would have been a much happier boy in the early 1990s if the INTERNET had existed in its current form, with the ability to trade cards with cool dudes from around the world.

*I'm always tickled by the random throw-ins that accompany a bunch of Brewers. I suspect the Ramon Santiago was included as an accidental this-looks-like-a-Brewer-when-thumbing-through-cards-quickly-type-deal.

*The Raffy card has a Brewers trivia question (among others) on the back. What nationality is the Brewers' David Nilsson?

*A lot of the Brewers were dupes. (However, one of the Fielder Timeline cards and the Gallardo Goudey are new to my collection.)

When reserving his cards, Jimmy also mentioned he had a special card that I could keep in return for some higher-end Marlins or Nationals. I begrudgingly obliged. Just kidding, I welcomed this card with open arms.

2010 Topps Yovanni Gallardo All-Star Game Workout Jersey #AS-YG

In return, I'll be sending Jimmy some comparable stuff, but it'll have to remain a secret until he gets it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #8

The most recent TMA IV envelope I opened was so massive in awesomeness and sheer girth that I cannot make any comments upon it. I will merely transcribe the invoice which accompanied the trade, which came from Matt in Massachusetts. Remember, this is coming from the guy who traded me the soul of an eight-year-old last year. (Since then I've managed to hold on to the soul. I'm saving it for the next time I get in a real jam.)

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out Robin Roberts Original Back (1966 Topps #530)

Getting: (with quantities indicated in parentheses, and any editorial comment [kept to a minimum] in italics)
*SASE (Important!) (1)

* Baseball Cards (48)
-Rather Junky Random Brewers (22)

-2010 A&G Insert (1)

-2003 Fleer Tradition Rare "A-Rod in Hell" Variation (1)

-1992 Delicious Brewers (24)

*Smokes Calculator (1) (Set to "CRUTCH," as per Thorzul's discretion)

*Prize Winning Recipes from the National Pineapple Cooking Classic (1)

*Authentic Pirate Eye Patch (Extremely Fragile Antique!) (1)

*Donruss Champions Paul Molitor. Features Mickey Mantle on the back for some reason. (1)

*Bar of Soap (?) from a Canadian Hotel (?) Dates from Late '50s/Early 60s? (0, missing)

*GORCH FOCK Pamphlet. Second best booklet going. (1)

*Wax Wrappers (4)
-1982 Topps (1)

-1981 Fleer (1)

-1986 Fleer (1)

-1986 Leaf (1)

*How to Choose a Husband. The finest Catholic advice 1961 had to offer. (1)

*The Gauntlet (w/Introduction)

Obviously, there are no minuses emerging from such a trade. The biggest plus will have to be the Delicious Cookies Robin Yount card, which I didn't yet own. For those not familiar, these team cards have been issued by the Milwaukee Police Department since 1982. Most years, smaller suburban departments put out their parallel sets, but these are often much harder to find years later. I already have the Yount from Milwaukee proper, but now I own the Wauwatosa version. Pretty nice, since that's the community a mere eight blocks from my home.

Awesome trade! I can't wait to see the crap you save up for next year! (I'm actually curious about the missing soap.)

Oh... and if anyone has any specific questions about the contents of this trade, go ahead and ask, and I'll do my best to answer.

What Complete and Utter Bullshit

Actual score: Packers 17 - Falcons 13

I'm sick and fucking tired of the Packers losing close games. Jerry Rice fumbled. Yes, it was a long time ago, but he did.

In that same vein, Tony Gonzalez did not catch that ball at the end of the first half. Take seven points off the board following that fourth down play.

Losing to someone you're better than is the worst thing in sports. Fuck that. Enjoy losing to the Patriots, NFC representative. You've got your lopsided Super Bowl now.

What a bunch of shit.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Second Chance For Your Blog

Has this ever happened to you? You spend a good amount of time on a blog post, it turns out pretty much the way you wanted it, you even read it back to yourself and laugh out loud. You hit "Publish," and you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more. After a couple of days, perhaps a few more posts, still no one has commented. Sound familiar?

Well, I'm giving everyone a second chance... to read one of my favorite uncommented-upon posts... as well as one of everyone else's. Here's what you have to do.

1. Go back through your card blog's archive. Perhaps you can locate it easily, perhaps not. Whatever you do, find that unloved, uncommented-upon post that you were particularly proud of.

2. Next, email me the link to that post with the "Unloved Post" in the subject line. -----> bill13boehm@yahoo.com

3. I'll check it out, compile a list, and spin this bunch of lonely posts into an epic post of my own.

That's it, really. Get me your links by the end of the day on Monday, and I'll promise to include yours. Hopefully we can uncover a bunch of great unheralded work by a great brother- and sisterhood of writers.

Oh, and here's mine:
Thorzul Will Rule - Fargo Meets Card Collecting

Monday, November 22, 2010

If You're Gonna Steal...

...steal from the best.

I was actually going to do a quick lunchtime post as a goof wherein I claim status as the first "media outlet" to break the story of the firing of Brad Childress. As it turns out, I would only have been off by a few minutes. God, the implosion of that franchise is nothing short of spectacular. Start warming up the turnstiles, Los Angeles, you are about to claim another purple-and-gold Minnesota team as your own.

Where the Fuck is "Overjoyed"?!?!

Minneapolis Star-Tribune... you fail on so many levels.

At least you could have included a "They Had it Coming" option.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #7

This next trade package came from Mad Guru down at Rain of Error. If you're playing along at home, you might remember that he's the guy who solved my extremely difficult card rebus earlier this year.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT167 Jason Bay and Turkey Red #TR138 Christy Mathewson

2008 Upper Deck X J.J. Hardy Game-Used Jersey #UDXM-JH

1989 Topps #698 Keith Atherton

Yoda Lenticular Valentine (from Kyle to Galan)

International Grading Service Coupon

Screen on the Green Film Festival Postcard

An issue of Little League Magazine featuring Ryan Braun

*Nice Hardy jersey, even though he's no longer on the team.

*Since the Mathewson is severely miscut (see below), it's only fitting that I receive that Atherton card. If you look closely, it seems as if this card somehow got involved with the machine that seals the top of a bag of candy orange slices and punches a hole in the top. At least, that's what I wish had happened. Probably just a rack pack mishap.

*How come I was not notified earlier about Screen on the Green? I seriously missed out on Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, dammit! (Speaking of which, isn't that film a tad ironic to be showing at the National Mall? One guy standing up to the greed and corruption of Washington... sounds a little far-fetched to me.)

*I will never get anything graded. Ever.

Thanks Mad Guru! (Now to track down a bag of those orange slices...)

(Oh, and I think I've made a nice comeback on the card backgrounds. Any guesses on the connection?)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #6

In honor of the Night Owl, I'll set this one to go live sometime during the witching hour. Here's a nice can't-sleep helping of "anything."

Attax Andre Ethier and Turkey Red #TR106 Roy Campanella

A nice bunch of 2010 Allen & Ginter mini inserts

A pair of Fleer Brewers stickers

2009 Upper Deck X Die-Cut #76 Tim Lincecum

A nice lot of 2010 Update Series cards, 10 of which I still needed

A Robin Yount and a 1973 Chuck Taylor

1989 Pro Set Superbowl #XI (Raiders 32 - Vikings 14... nice!)

A bunch of 1991 ProCards Milwaukee Admirals cards (only a few pictured here)

*Love the variety. As a kid I remember begging for those little cereal variety packs, but the only time she ever caved in was when we were going camping. Perhaps TMA is my Freudian response to a lifetime of denials.

*Admirals cards... are you serious? These Admirals cards are from my wheelhouse of game attendance. The only name I recognize is Peter Bakovic. My friend's mom had a crush on him. I couldn't believe it when Peter showed up at my school for career day. As far as I know, none of my classmates ever became professional hockey players.

*Those Ginter minis are SWEET! I had actually started filling up my cart at COMC last night, but had a really good feeling about Night Owl's trade package. Thank goodness I started to open it. This saved me a few bucks and I was able to snag a few more cards from my want lists.

*And how about that John Milton card! It reminds me of the lecture Donald Sutherland's professor character is giving in Animal House:
"Now, what can we say of John Milton's Paradise Lost? It's a long poem, written a long time ago, and I'm sure a lot of you have difficulty understanding exactly what Milton was trying to say. Certainly we know that he was trying to describe the struggle between good and evil, right? Okay. The most intriguing character, as we all know from our reading, was...Satan. Now was Milton trying to tell us that being bad was more fun than being good? [no response] OK, don't write this down, but I find Milton probably as boring as you find Milton. Mrs. Milton found him boring too. He's a little bit long-winded, he doesn't translate very well into our generation, and his jokes are terrible. [Bell rings, students rise to leave] But that doesn't relieve you of your responsibility for this material. Now I'm waiting for reports from some of you... Listen, I'm not joking. This is my job!"

*I already have that Yount and the Chuck Taylor. Besides, I don't think Taylor is even actually wearing a hat. If you think his cap is real, I might have some pictures of Anna Kournikova circa 1999 being double penetrated that you might be interested in.

*I'd like to play it off a such, but my background DVD was unintentionally ironic. The connection is "Turkey," of course (Turkey Red/Thanksgiving), but it was only after I scanned this that I realized that there was no turkey served in the Peanuts special. So... until Topps releases its 2017 Topps Jellybeans and Toast throwback set, I'm the punk bitch.

Thanks, Night Owl!

And to the rest of you, feel free to post your favorite Animal House quotes in the comments.

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #5

If you need a daily fix of a single post about an Orioles baseball card, you need to check out Kevin's site. But if you're looking for what might be the single best item to be traded to me in this year's TMA-IV, you've come to the right place. Let's see what went down.

Attax Adam Jones andThe Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT168 Josh Hamilton & Carl Crawford

A whole mess of 1990s Packers cards

1993 Topps Comic Card #91 Voodoo

Surf Detergent Brewers Baseball Card Book

*Wow, that Surf book brings back some memories. The one Kevin sent is the 1988 edition. This book was a stadium giveaway that consisted of a complete history of Brewers baseball cards from the 1969 Seattle Pilots cards through the 1987 Topps and Topps Traded sets. I actually owned the 1987 edition, which debuted the year before this one. Let me tell you, for a not-quite-9-year-old, this book was an invaluable resource for discovering the history of the team I loved. These books were published for just about every team at the time. I was always a little pissed off that my 1987 book stopped at the 1986 Topps cards, but now here they are. I really need to get back to my parents' house to find that thing.

*While the Packers cards are too many to picture, a couple of them triggered some anecdotes I'd like to share.

1995 Donruss Red Zone George Koonce

Koonce, a solid linebacker for the Superbowl winning team in 1996-97, is art of a long brotherhood of professional athletes for Wisconsin teams, just by the very virtue of his name. For as long as I can remember, we Wisconsinites have supported our sports heroes with a long "u" sound in their last name by shouting it out long and loud after a great play. Cecil Cooper is obviously the founding father of this trend, with sounds of "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP" resounding throughout County Stadium, but others have followed in his wake. "KOOOOOOOOOOOONCE" was one of these cries. My memory's a little hazy right now to compile an exhaustive list, but at the present, the one guy who's getting all of that not-really-booing-but-it-sounds-like-it love is Packer fullback John Kuhn.
Does your team have a "OOOOOOOOO" guy like this? Share in the comments section.

1993 Topps #113 Chris Jacke

This is one of the best football stories I've ever heard. A guy who used to be a teacher at my school, and has since retired, worked a lot as a cab driver, both before he became a teacher (relatively later in life) and during our "offseason." At one outing he told me the story of one of his fares. This was back when the Packers used to play a couple of games in Milwaukee each year. It was after the game, and Matt (the cabbie) was slated to pick up a few players and drive them back to the hotel. As it happens, Chris Jacke and two linemen (unnamed) jump into the cab. They proceed onto I-94 headed downtown. At some point in the ride, Jacke (sitting in the front passenger seat) feels the need to spit. With the windows down, humming along at about 65, Jacke lets one fly. The loogie gets caught in the rushing wind and bananas back into the car, hitting one of the linemen. Holy fuck, do they get pissed! The guy behind Jacke pulls him over the front seat into the back seat and opens the right rear door. The two guys are holding Chris Jacke halfway out the door, threatening to throw him onto the freeway at top speed. After a few tense moments, things calm down without adding to the Wisconsin-DOT's highway death total. I believe Matt got the players to the hotel safe and sound. What a story!

*None, really, unless you count my lame-ass attempt at a traded card connection. Attax/Attack of the Clones? Really? Like that wouldn't work for any of the dozens of Attax cards I'm trading away? I've jumped the shark on this one, and from now on these are just getting scanned unless the connection is really strong and thoughtful. Too bad I don't own the movie Ray. That would have been marginally better. TMA-V will return bigger and better.

Thanks, Kevin!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #4

A good man named Scott, a New Jersey resident, sent me some cards in return for some other cards. What you are about to read is a factual account of this trade. The names have not been changed, and the situations are real.

More Tales of the Game #MTOG-14 Stephen Strasburg

Attax Buster Posey, Stephen Strasburg, Ichiro, and Paul Konerko

2007 Goudey Green Back #84 Prince Fielder

An Oddball Yount and Listach

1970 Topps #289 Gene Brabender and #323 Wayne Comer

*First genuine Pilots cards in my collection. Why did it take until now?

*Dude sent me a Bra-bender. The man bends bras. Bras.
And Wayne Comer? The back of his card says his first name is Harry. How about that, a Bra Bender and a Harry Comer? These post-Woodstock Topps issues are nasty.

*No man can send me a Robin Yount card I don't already have. Alright, maybe there is a man who can. But know this: I already own the slightly oversized proof version of that Yount Post card. Man up, men.