Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Group Break Randomization

Alright, after finishing dinner I ran the randomization. I took the names of all of the participants and put them in the order in which they appeared on the original post. I then entered the names of the 15 unclaimed teams on a list randomizer, and hit it three times. Below is a screenshot of the final order.

When put together with the list of participants' names, this is what we've got.

1. Alec - Angels
2. Cardsplitter - Pirates
3. Ryan - Royals
4. David - Diamondbacks
5. Colin - Padres
6. BS - Rays
7. Chris Mays - Astros
8. TheBrooklynMet - Athletics
9. Zpop - Marlins
10. Alex - Tigers (from bailorg)
11. bailorg - Mariners (from Alex)
12. Thorzul - Twins
13. Tunguska - Rockies
14. BS - White Sox
15. Tunguska - Blue Jays

Feel free to trade until 11:59 Friday night. Please put all trade requests in the comments on this post. Both parties must agree for me to change an assignment. You can trade your original choice team, but I'd doubt most of you would want to to that.

The boxes have been ordered, but I don't yet have an estimated shipping date. I'm guessing Monday.


Alex said...

Willing to trade the Mariners for the Tigers or Athletics. Tigers would be my first choice.

bailorg said...

I'll accept Alex's trade offer. I'll take the Mariners, Alex can have the Tigers.