Monday, November 15, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #2

You know that a Trade Me Anything package that arrives via Priority Mail for $5.15 is serious business. Chris Harris is serious about cards. This trade should be good.

Well, there was an email mix-up that led to Chris requesting cards that had already been claimed, so we agreed to an anything-for-anything trade. So, I'm giving a bunch of cards found on a Stale Gum want list...

...and a mystery pack of cards.

A 1999 Bowman Series 1 checklist

A Richie Sexson 2003 Fleer Pepsi thing

A trio of Upper Deck mascots

A New York Giants Hologram thing with a 1-900 number on it

A whole mess of 2010 Update Series base cards, 20 of which I still needed

And, in stunning fashion, a lot (full set?) of 1993 Thee Dolls

*Getting a few steps closer to finishing the set.

*Got a double of the Braun/Pujols All-Star card, so that goes straight into the Braun binder.

*Those Burdick stickers are flippin' awesome. A have one from a previous trade stuck to my card paraphernalia box. I really should do a post on that some time.

*The rarely used "Freaky White Girls" tag gets trotted out once again.

*One word on the stripper cards: Unnecessary. Expect some payback.

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SpastikMooss said...

I can't believe you own that movie too. I saw it once as a kid (I'd say as a 14 year old?), always had it lingering in the back of my mind, and finally figured out what movie it was about 8 years later. So now I own it. Rewatched's still decent. But I did not believe that anyone else I knew had ever even heard of it, let alone seen it, let alone liked it enough to own it.

In other words, cool.