Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #3

The next dude who traded me some of his possessions was Don from Arkansas. He only requested two cards, but sent a ton of stuff. I'm getting the sweet end of this deal. Let's take a look.

Topps Attax Austin Jackson and Peak Performance Austin Jackson

2000 Skybox #223 Chad Green

A pile of 2003 Topps Opening Day Minis

Baseball's Hottest Hurlers by Jim DuFresne (1984)

Strikeout Kings by James Buckley, Jr. (2001)

*Strikeout Kings will soon make its way to my leveled classroom library. Don, you have given the gift of reading to an inner-city youth. I'm granting you a $50 write-off on your 2010 tax return.

*I always like learning about sets that I never knew about. Those 2003 minis are new to me, plus those scratch-offs on the back will... well... scratch my latent lottery ticket itch without the inevitable remorse.

*Why, I mean, WHY did you have to interrupt an unbroken streak? Did you not realize that it has been eight years since a Chad Green card of any kind has been placed in a protective top-loader? Now America has to start all over. See you guys in 2018 for the update.

*I'll have to explain to my students why there's a small woodland creature escaping from the back of that left-handed pitcher's cap. Thanks.

Great trade, loved the anything!


SpastikMooss said...

2003 Topps
Opening Day




Word Verification is Scromen. Ewwww.

Don said...

As an added bonus, the minis are stickers. You can now stick Troy Glaus on your attendance book, or a Randy Johnson "Good Job" sticker on a student's paper. Think of all the possibilities. :)