Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #5

If you need a daily fix of a single post about an Orioles baseball card, you need to check out Kevin's site. But if you're looking for what might be the single best item to be traded to me in this year's TMA-IV, you've come to the right place. Let's see what went down.

Attax Adam Jones andThe Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT168 Josh Hamilton & Carl Crawford

A whole mess of 1990s Packers cards

1993 Topps Comic Card #91 Voodoo

Surf Detergent Brewers Baseball Card Book

*Wow, that Surf book brings back some memories. The one Kevin sent is the 1988 edition. This book was a stadium giveaway that consisted of a complete history of Brewers baseball cards from the 1969 Seattle Pilots cards through the 1987 Topps and Topps Traded sets. I actually owned the 1987 edition, which debuted the year before this one. Let me tell you, for a not-quite-9-year-old, this book was an invaluable resource for discovering the history of the team I loved. These books were published for just about every team at the time. I was always a little pissed off that my 1987 book stopped at the 1986 Topps cards, but now here they are. I really need to get back to my parents' house to find that thing.

*While the Packers cards are too many to picture, a couple of them triggered some anecdotes I'd like to share.

1995 Donruss Red Zone George Koonce

Koonce, a solid linebacker for the Superbowl winning team in 1996-97, is art of a long brotherhood of professional athletes for Wisconsin teams, just by the very virtue of his name. For as long as I can remember, we Wisconsinites have supported our sports heroes with a long "u" sound in their last name by shouting it out long and loud after a great play. Cecil Cooper is obviously the founding father of this trend, with sounds of "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP" resounding throughout County Stadium, but others have followed in his wake. "KOOOOOOOOOOOONCE" was one of these cries. My memory's a little hazy right now to compile an exhaustive list, but at the present, the one guy who's getting all of that not-really-booing-but-it-sounds-like-it love is Packer fullback John Kuhn.
Does your team have a "OOOOOOOOO" guy like this? Share in the comments section.

1993 Topps #113 Chris Jacke

This is one of the best football stories I've ever heard. A guy who used to be a teacher at my school, and has since retired, worked a lot as a cab driver, both before he became a teacher (relatively later in life) and during our "offseason." At one outing he told me the story of one of his fares. This was back when the Packers used to play a couple of games in Milwaukee each year. It was after the game, and Matt (the cabbie) was slated to pick up a few players and drive them back to the hotel. As it happens, Chris Jacke and two linemen (unnamed) jump into the cab. They proceed onto I-94 headed downtown. At some point in the ride, Jacke (sitting in the front passenger seat) feels the need to spit. With the windows down, humming along at about 65, Jacke lets one fly. The loogie gets caught in the rushing wind and bananas back into the car, hitting one of the linemen. Holy fuck, do they get pissed! The guy behind Jacke pulls him over the front seat into the back seat and opens the right rear door. The two guys are holding Chris Jacke halfway out the door, threatening to throw him onto the freeway at top speed. After a few tense moments, things calm down without adding to the Wisconsin-DOT's highway death total. I believe Matt got the players to the hotel safe and sound. What a story!

*None, really, unless you count my lame-ass attempt at a traded card connection. Attax/Attack of the Clones? Really? Like that wouldn't work for any of the dozens of Attax cards I'm trading away? I've jumped the shark on this one, and from now on these are just getting scanned unless the connection is really strong and thoughtful. Too bad I don't own the movie Ray. That would have been marginally better. TMA-V will return bigger and better.

Thanks, Kevin!


Kevin said...

Here in Baltimore, we serenade Luke Scott with "LUUUUKKKKEEEEEE"! I'm fairly sure that Tony Siragusa was likewise cheered as "GOOOOOSSSSSEEEE"!

We've also put a twist on it for Todd Heap - "HEEEEEEEEAAAAAAPPPP"! It has a nice foghorn sound to it. Of course those freaking Steelers fan ripped us off and started cheering Heath Miller in the same way. Jerks.

MDXS said...

In Boston, we need at least one player like that at a time or we get ancy. It can be a star like Youkilis or Dwight Evans (Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewey) or just some local who lucked his way onto the team like Lou Merloni.

Anonymous said...

Brings to mind former Twin Lewwwwwwwwwwww Ford, and lately current Twins Jason Kuuuuuuuuuubel.

Word verification: refutin
Not sure what I'm refutin', but okay...

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

Sure - Jay Broooooooooooooce