Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #8

The most recent TMA IV envelope I opened was so massive in awesomeness and sheer girth that I cannot make any comments upon it. I will merely transcribe the invoice which accompanied the trade, which came from Matt in Massachusetts. Remember, this is coming from the guy who traded me the soul of an eight-year-old last year. (Since then I've managed to hold on to the soul. I'm saving it for the next time I get in a real jam.)

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out Robin Roberts Original Back (1966 Topps #530)

Getting: (with quantities indicated in parentheses, and any editorial comment [kept to a minimum] in italics)
*SASE (Important!) (1)

* Baseball Cards (48)
-Rather Junky Random Brewers (22)

-2010 A&G Insert (1)

-2003 Fleer Tradition Rare "A-Rod in Hell" Variation (1)

-1992 Delicious Brewers (24)

*Smokes Calculator (1) (Set to "CRUTCH," as per Thorzul's discretion)

*Prize Winning Recipes from the National Pineapple Cooking Classic (1)

*Authentic Pirate Eye Patch (Extremely Fragile Antique!) (1)

*Donruss Champions Paul Molitor. Features Mickey Mantle on the back for some reason. (1)

*Bar of Soap (?) from a Canadian Hotel (?) Dates from Late '50s/Early 60s? (0, missing)

*GORCH FOCK Pamphlet. Second best booklet going. (1)

*Wax Wrappers (4)
-1982 Topps (1)

-1981 Fleer (1)

-1986 Fleer (1)

-1986 Leaf (1)

*How to Choose a Husband. The finest Catholic advice 1961 had to offer. (1)

*The Gauntlet (w/Introduction)

Obviously, there are no minuses emerging from such a trade. The biggest plus will have to be the Delicious Cookies Robin Yount card, which I didn't yet own. For those not familiar, these team cards have been issued by the Milwaukee Police Department since 1982. Most years, smaller suburban departments put out their parallel sets, but these are often much harder to find years later. I already have the Yount from Milwaukee proper, but now I own the Wauwatosa version. Pretty nice, since that's the community a mere eight blocks from my home.

Awesome trade! I can't wait to see the crap you save up for next year! (I'm actually curious about the missing soap.)

Oh... and if anyone has any specific questions about the contents of this trade, go ahead and ask, and I'll do my best to answer.


dayf said...

Oh Fock... I sent your package out today, but forgot the SASE.

Oh well, invoice me.

MDXS said...

Hah - glad you enjoyed that mess. The soap was accidentally left out of the package (hence my cryptic email about dropping the soap).

I remembered the Delicious Brewers cards that I obtained from a Wisconsin transplant immediately after mailing last year's batch. Since I had that in my back pocket, I knew this year's trade would be good and looked forward to it all year. Now I'm just wondering how I'll top all that.