Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #9

After a whole lotta back-and-forth, my man Jimmy from Alabama and I hammered out a trade that had to involve, in some way, anything. Check the results, homeboys.

#US-139 Jorge Cantu, Turkey Red #TR113 Josh Johnson, Topps Attax Mike Stanton, Joe Mauer, Andrew McCutchen, Nick Markakis, and Joakim Soria

Pile O' Piece O' History (13) (including a few red parallels)

Pile O' Updates (11)

Pile O' Brewers (including a rogue 'roided Raffy)

2010 Allen & Ginter Lords of Olympus #LO2 Poseidon

2008 Topps 50th Anniversary All-Rookie #AR95 Ramon Santiago

*I love, love, love it when people send me stuff from my want lists. I think I would have been a much happier boy in the early 1990s if the INTERNET had existed in its current form, with the ability to trade cards with cool dudes from around the world.

*I'm always tickled by the random throw-ins that accompany a bunch of Brewers. I suspect the Ramon Santiago was included as an accidental this-looks-like-a-Brewer-when-thumbing-through-cards-quickly-type-deal.

*The Raffy card has a Brewers trivia question (among others) on the back. What nationality is the Brewers' David Nilsson?

*A lot of the Brewers were dupes. (However, one of the Fielder Timeline cards and the Gallardo Goudey are new to my collection.)

When reserving his cards, Jimmy also mentioned he had a special card that I could keep in return for some higher-end Marlins or Nationals. I begrudgingly obliged. Just kidding, I welcomed this card with open arms.

2010 Topps Yovanni Gallardo All-Star Game Workout Jersey #AS-YG

In return, I'll be sending Jimmy some comparable stuff, but it'll have to remain a secret until he gets it.


Todd Uncommon said...

Nilsson is an Aussie, right?

PhaLe28 said...

son of a B****, i was looking for my Ramon Santiago 50th anniversary card...jk, i confess, i messed up. I will make it up to you - by next week you will receive a package [from me] to make up for the carelessness; oh yea, if you don't mind, could you send me back my Ramon Santiago card? hahaha

Thorzul said...

No problem, PhaLe28.

Oh, and good answer, Todd Uncommon. Nilsson was from Australia.

PhaLe28 said...

lol...i was just messing around about sending it back to me, no biggie...I am 'embarrassed' about sending the wrong card though, but like i said i will make it up to you. how does another 'surprise' relic card sound? good i hope bcuz it is what i am sending.

Hint: It is a Brewers and the swatch is gray. If you guess who it is, i will send you another relic.

deal said...

"Big Fish" is among Team Phungo's all time faves - Another post that I have never gotten around to.