Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Five Pulls of 2010: #5

The time has come again to reveal the brief successes that make opening packs an occasional joy amidst the usual failure. This begins the parade of the Top Five Pulls made in the year 2010. Let's get this social gathering underway.

Card: 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History #54 Ryan Braun Gold Parallel (43/50)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Love This Card: Perhaps it's not this card in particular that I love; rather, I am encouraged by what this card represents. I wrote a couple of days ago that one of the last CC Sabathia cards I'm trying to track down is this exact gold parallel. I bought to boxes of A Piece of History this year in hopes of nabbing a gold CC, but I was only able to pull one gold in total, this Ryan Braun. Since it happened to be one of the only players I actively collect, I'm taking it as a good omen. Hopefully, the CC will pop up on eBay one day soon. Settling for the Braun in the meantime is an adequate consolation.

Take a trip back in time and gander at the top pulls from years past.

Does This Make Me an Asshole?

I'm ending this year the same way I started it godammit, as a Grade-A Asshole.

A short time ago, I saw a box of cards I wanted to buy on eBay. I'm not going to mention the product or the seller, but this box had a Buy It Now of $79.95. Not a bad price, by any means, but it's always worth a shot to try to get it cheaper. So, I sent an offer of $65.00. Still fair, not at all insulting.
Less than 48 hours later, BOOM, denied.

A day or so after that, Blowout Cards announces some sales, and lo and behold, prices on boxes of the very product I wanted had fallen to $60.00. Yeah, fill up the cart and show your ass to the too-good-I-can-turn-away-a-sale seller (one of the other online retailers who also maintains an eBay presence). Both lips, both cheeks, muh muh muh muh muh.

The deal from Blowout was so good, in fact, that I felt the need to write a thank you note to the rubber stamp holders who nixed my offer.

Yes, it was a dick move, but I would betray my true nature if I didn't try to entertain and offend simultaneously.
To the credit of the eBayer, they sent a return message, one that refused to stoop to my level.

In 2011, I promise to make eBay the one-stop shop for fear and intimidation. Sellers will be left with no choice but to accept my low-ball offers. Let's stick it to The Man in two-aught-elf.

CC: Statuesque Physique

Well, it's come to this. Below is a picture of the last CC Sabathia card I needed from the 2008 Upper Deck Documentary set. As it turns out, this is literally the last card of CC Sabathia-as-a-Brewer that I could find. There are a couple more out there, but I haven't seen them for sale. We'll get to that later, but let's take a look at this last soldier.
2008 Upper Deck Documentary #3858 MIL130

It's a ho-hum affair, and I hope to God this is not the way I go out on this affair. Let me break it down for you.

There are two main cards left featuring Sabathia in a Brewers uniform or with a Brewers logo that I do not have. The first is a 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History gold parallel numbered to 50. Gold seems to be the unobtainable color here, because the other one I need is a 2008 Topps Stadium Club Gold Photographer's Proof, also numbered to 50. In today's world, this is relatively high serial numbering. I have spent a lot of time on eBay and COMC, always coming up empty. The problem here is that these are products almost nobody is opening any more. Stadium Club was an overpriced mess, and Piece of History was produced by the truckload. Boxes of it go for very cheap, and I've picked up a few this year in a fruitless search for CC.

Another card I lack is theoretical in nature. I am less sure about the existence of this card than the others, but certain clues lead me to believe it might indeed exist. This mysterious card is another 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History card, the Sabathia/Zambrano Cut From the Same Cloth insert. While I own a gold, red, blue, and green, I have also seen a purple parallel of this card, numbered to 25, featuring other players. Does the Sabathia/Zambrano purple parallel exist? Only time will tell.

Of course, there are other assorted printing plates that could surface, but I'm considering this project complete only if I can get those last three (or perhaps only two) cards. If you have a positive lead on any of these cards, whether it be at a show, local card shop, internet site I haven't thought of, or even your own collection, I'd appreciate the help and would compenate you for your trouble.

In any case, here's the almost-final list.

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH300
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH300 Gold Foil
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH300 Gold (0313/2008)
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH300 Black (56/57)
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH300 Magenta Printing Plate (1/1)
2008 Upper Deck Timeline #39
2008 Upper Deck Timeline #39 Gold
2008 Upper Deck Timeline #162
2008 Upper Deck Timeline #162 Gold Stamp
2008 Upper Deck Timeline #242
2008 UD Documentary #3048 MIL103
2008 UD Documentary #3138 MIL106
2008 UD Documentary #3228 MIL109
2008 UD Documentary #3318 MIL112
2008 UD Documentary #3408 MIL115
2008 UD Documentary #3498 MIL118
2008 UD Documentary #3588 MIL121
2008 UD Documentary #3678 MIL124
2008 UD Documentary #3768 MIL127
2008 UD Documentary #3858 MIL130
2008 UD Documentary #3948 MIL133
2008 UD Documentary #4038 MIL136
2008 UD Documentary #4128 MIL139
2008 UD Documentary #4218 MIL142
2008 UD Documentary #4308 MIL145
2008 UD Documentary #4398 MIL148
2008 UD Documentary #4488 MIL151
2008 UD Documentary #4578 MIL154
2008 UD Documentary #4668 MIL157
2008 UD Documentary #4758 MIL160
2008 UD Documentary #4848
2008 UD Documentary #3048 MIL103 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3138 MIL106 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3228 MIL109 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3318 MIL112 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3408 MIL115 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3498 MIL118 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3588 MIL121 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3678 MIL124 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3768 MIL127 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3858 MIL130 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #3948 MIL133 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4038 MIL136 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4128 MIL139 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4218 MIL142 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4308 MIL145 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4398 MIL148 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4488 MIL151 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4578 MIL154 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4668 MIL157 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4758 MIL160 Gold
2008 UD Documentary #4848 Gold
2008 Topps Stadium Club #10
2008 Topps Stadium Club First Day Issue SP #10 (463/599)
2008 Topps Satdium Club Photographer's Proof #10 (66/99)
2008 Topps Satdium Club Platinum Photographer's Proof #10 (1/1)
2008 Topps Stadium Club Magenta Printing Plate #10 (1/1)
2008 eTopps #54 (344/499)
2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #18
2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #27 (081/350)
2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic #44
2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic Marquee Matchups (w/Ordonez) #MM-31
2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic Marquee Matchups (w/Mauer) #MM-43
2008 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Micro Magnet
2009 Topps #170
2009 Topps #170 Gold Parallel (0949/2009)
2009 Topps #170 Black Parallel (28/58)
2009 Topps #170 Target Black
2009 Topps #170 Target Old School
2009 Topps Silk Collection (35/50)
2009 Topps Magenta Printing Plate #170 (1/1)
2009 Toppstown #TTT14
2009 Toppstown #TTT14 Gold Parallel
2009 Topps Vault First Edition Blank Back (1/1)
2009 Upper Deck #212
2009 Upper Deck Team Checklist #476
2009 Upper Deck #GJ-CS Game Jersey Triple Swatch "MIL" (45/99)
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #OPC-6
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee 2008 Highlights and Milestones #HM15
2009 Upper Deck #GJ-CS UD Game Jersey Dual Swatch "52" (136/149)
2009 Upper Deck #R6 Rivals (w/some guy on some other team)
2009 Upper Deck #GJ-CS UD Game Jersey Gray Swatch "J"
2009 Upper Deck #GJ-CS UD Game Jersey Quad Swatch "GAME" (08/15)
2009 Upper Deck #GG-CS Stars of the Game
2009 Upper Deck First Edition #166
2009 Upper Deck Documentary #4903 MIL-NLDS2
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum #54
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Turquoise Parallel #54 (10/25)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Black Parallel #54 (16/50)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Red Parallel #54 (016/250)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Green Parallel #54 (82/99)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Blue Parallel #54
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Jersey #54 (36/99)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Swatches #SS-CS (White Jersey)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum #54 Magenta Printing Plate (1/1)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum #54 Yellow Printing Plate (1/1)
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Swatches #SS-CS (Red, Blue, White, Silver Patch) (24/25)
2009 Upper Deck SPX #81
2009 Upper Deck SPx #WM2-PS (w/Peavy, Game-Used White Jersey)
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History #51
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Red Parallel #51
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Blue Parallel #51 (161/299)
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Green Parallel #51 (041/150)
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut From the Same Cloth (w/Zambrano) #CSC-ZS Gold (47/75)
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut From the Same Cloth (w/Zambrano) #CSC-ZS Red (49/99)
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut From the Same Cloth (w/Zambrano) #CSC-ZS Blue (923/999)
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut From the Same Cloth (w/Zambrano) #CSC-ZS Green (064/149)
2009 Upper Deck Goudey #112
2009 Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1 (w/Santana, Hamels, Kazmir) Blue Frame #35-32
2009 Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1 (w/Santana, Hamels, Kazmir) Red Frame #35-32
2009 Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1 (w/Santana, Hamels, Kazmir) Green Frame #35-32
2009 Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1 (w/Santana, Hamels, Kazmir) Black Frame #35-32 (10/21)
2009 Upper Deck Goudey Mini #112
2009 Upper Deck Goudey Mini Black Parallel #112 (10/21)
2009 Upper Deck Goudey Mini Blue Parallel #112
2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Highlights #AGHS20
2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Stat kings Quad Swatch (w/Hoffman, Santana, Garza) #288 (082/500)
2009 Topps Unique Jumbo Patch #UJR-CS (03/40)
2009 Topps Unique Jumbo Patch #UJR-CS (06/40)
2009 Topps Unique Jumbo Patch #UJR-CS (40/40)
2009 Topps Sterling "Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards" Quad Gray Jersey #4CCR-62 (06/25)
2009 Topps Sterling "Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards" Quad Gray Jersey #4CCR-62 (01/10)
2009 Topps Sterling "Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards" Quad Patch #4CCR-62 (1/1)
2009 Topps Sterling "Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards" Quad Gray Jersey AUTO #4SCA-100 (07/10)
2009 Topps Sterling "Led MLB in CGs and SHOs in 2008" #5SCA-37 (5x Game-Used Gray Jersey SHO CG) AUTO (08/10)
2009 Topps Sterling "Led MLB in CGs and SHOs in 2008" (5x Patch) #5CCR-30 (1/1)
2009 Topps Sterling "Led MLB in CGs and SHOs in 2008" (5x Patch) #5CCR-30 (09/10)
2009 Topps Sterling "Led MLB in CGs and SHOs in 2008" (5x Patch) #5CCR-30 (08/25)
2009 Topps Sterling "One-Hitter 8/31/08" (3x Patch on Gray Jersey) #3CCR-81 (14/25)
2009 Topps Sterling "One-Hitter 8/31/08" (3x Patch on Gray Jersey) #3CCR-81 (01/10)
2009 Topps Sterling "One-Hitter 8/31/08" (3x Gray Jersey) AUTO #3SCA-126 (10/10)
2009 Topps Sterling Seasons Booklet Card 8x Jersey AUTO #SSA-34 (1/1)
2009 Topps Sterling Seasons Booklet Card 8x Patch AUTO #SSA-34 (04/10)
2010 Bobblehead

Oh, and here's another thing that needed to be featured before it got to be 2011. As part of the Brewers' celebration of their 40th anniversary season, they promoted an all-fan bobblehead giveaway for each of their first four decades. Sabathia's short stint was deemed important enough to make him the 2000s representative. Here is his bobblehead.

You might recognize this pose from CC's thrilling victory in the Brewers' final game in 2008. Scary, but realistic.

And if you think the first one was intense, you should see the close-up.

With that wide open mouth, I thought a prop might be appropriate. It may have been the thrill of my baseball life, but I can still poke a little fun.

Every quest had a few difficult patches. If you can help me out, let me know.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas Gift of the Year

I'd like to take a moment to show off my best Christmas gift of 2010.

Ever since I've completed the set of box topper emblems that came in hobby boxes of 2007 Topps Heritage, I've talked about framing them in order to display the set. They've been lying in a pile atop some comic book boxes for the better part of at least two years. Finally, the wife turned my big talk into action.

Doesn't that look awesome? That's a green felt background behind them, part of my auteur's vision. Don't try to make any rhyme or reason of the team placement, they're arranged for their aesthetic beauty. I had originally thought about putting them in the order each franchise was established, but they certainly look better this way. The Yankees and Red Sox ended up together, and some of the oddball colors (Senators, Orioles, and Pirates) ended up in the middle row, and all of the red ones are separated. Overall, it's a great gift that I can't wait to hang on the wall.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Lynch-mas Everyone!

1987 Topps #697 Ed Lynch

This past year, the Lynch has filled my stocking with coal more times than I could count. I like to think of him as a modern-day Knecht Ruprecht, the malevolent counterpart to St. Nicholas who carries a bag of sticks instead of presents.

Naughty children feel the wrath of those switches, and perhaps that explains my particular misfortunes. Let's review the list of torments the Lynch has brought upon me this year.

1. Aaron Rodgers's fumble in OT against Arizona.
2. The Brewers' M*A*S*H unit of a pitching staff.
3. Brett Favre making things worse in every way imaginable. I'm expecting a Jim Cunningham-esque (Donnie Darko) fate to befall Brett in 2011. The discovery of a "dungeon" would not surprise me at this point.
4. Trevor Hoffman in April.
5. That one fluke loss at Michigan State that will ultimately prevent my Badgers from becoming national champions.
6. Three- and four-point losses. What's it going to take to win a close game, McCarthy?
7. Two words: LaTroy Hawkins
8. Wisconsin basketball losing to an Ivy League team (Cornell) in the second round.

I could go up to ten, but it is Christmas after all. I think I've been good enough this year to warrant a pair of Packer victories to close out 2010 and ring in 2011. If only the Lynch's heart could grow in time to give us the power to defeat the Giants and Bears. (I hope I can look back at this a year from now and bask in what became the beginning to a magical run to the Super Bowl.

Merry Christmas, everyone! (Except for those piece-of-shit Vikings fans. Rivalries don't take holidays.)

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 24

December 24, 2010:
1992 Score #879 Babe Ruth

Finding this card behind the final door of the 2010 Card-vent Calendar reminded me of the way in which I first acquired it, some 18 years ago.
Believe it or not, but I've never opened a pack of 1992 Score baseball cards. In 1990, I bought a bunch of packs, then bought the factory set with some birthday money. I bought tons of packs in 1991, when the set was so massive it was split into two series. I eventually finished it and housed it in binders. The year 1992 brought a different strategy. Right off the bat, I bought absolutely no packs, and instead opted for the hallowed factory set. I don't remember where I got it from, but I distinctly recall opening the box, pulling out a few short styrofoam padding rectangles, and putting the cards in order. That's right, the 1992 Score factory sets came boxed with the cards out of numerical order. At close to 900 cards, this took quite a while, although there was certainly a pattern to the card placement, which made it a little easier to do.
Since that sorting, I haven't looked at any of the cards in it, save for the Robin Yount Cooperstown Card insert, which I placed in one of my Yount binders.

Seeing this Babe Ruth card makes me feel a little sad, and, perhaps because of the time of year, sentimental. It's a shame that such a neat card could go unloved, sitting in my basement, when it has so much going for it. There are no claims as such, but it seems as if this is a photograph of genuine Ruth memorabilia. To sweeten the pot, there are also a couple of Ruth cards featured, his 1933 Goudey and the 1948 Leaf issue. These are likely to be reprints, but who knows for sure? It's a classy card that deserves better.

Do yourself a favor this week. Dig into a forgotten factory set, one that's been sitting on a shelf for years. Give it some love. Find a card that you've forgotten about, or don't remember seeing. Write a blog post about it. Then, let me know about it. If I get enough responses, I'll post a link to these Blue Collar Cards. (Factory? Blue Collar? Get it?)

Merry Christmas, and tomorrow...a savior.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 23

Editor's Note: Readers, today's Card-vent Calendar post is an encore entry from the vast Thorzul archives. Enjoy this reprint of a letter to Santa written in December of 1991 by young Timmy, age 7.

December 23, 2010:
1991 Pro Line Portraits #80 Burt Grossman

Dear Santa,
This Christmas, there's a whole bunch of stuff I could ask you for. I wish my legs worked like the other kids'. I wish I had my own bed. I really wish I had more than a stick and an empty Kleenex box to play with.
But I don't want you to bring me any of those things this year. For Christmas this year, I want a Zubaz hat. San Diego Chargers, if possible.
I already have a Zubaz T-shirt, and those Zubaz weightlifting pants. (Hopefully I can gain enough weight this year to finally fit into them.) And for my birthday, I got a pair of discarded Zubaz shorts. I didn't even know those existed! They're so roomy, but maybe that's because I'm so malnourished.
If you can tell your elves to make one for me, I really really want a Zubaz hat. I have never seen one in a store, but I know you could get me one anyways.
Timmy Teedmann

Dear Timmy,

Thorzul: Origins

It's not me, but it is a source.

If you can identify where this came from, you have my respect. I will reveal more upon request.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheapo Group Break Last Chance!

The following teams are still available for the El Cheapo Break. So I don't end up with all of the cards again, I'm offering a two-team discount for $19.00. If you've already picked up one team and want another, you can get a second team for $9.00. Sign up at the original post.

The Remaining Teams:
White Sox

The cards should get to me the week after Christmas, so start looking for the results then.

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 22

December 22, 2010:
2007 Upper Deck MLS #64 Landon Donovan

With the gut punch of the Packers/Cardinals playoff game, the underachievement of the Brewers, the one-and-done Bucks, and the lack of a first-tier hockey team, my sports highlight of the year would have to come down to a choice between the Badgers' run to the Rose Bowl and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Both involved a great deal of success from my respective rooting interests, but I'd have to give the edge to Team USA for pulse-quickening action.

The most dramatic sporting event of my year was a dead heat tie between the USA's second and third Group Round games against Slovenia and Algeria. For the Slovenia game, several factors led to its greatness. The school year had just ended and I was visiting great friends in Seattle (which has already been documented here). Still adjusting to the time difference (and after landing in Seattle at 10:00 the night before), my buddy and I woke up early (probably 3:00 or 4:00 Milwaukee time) so we could get a decent spot at a local pub to watch the US. Arriving at George and Dragon an hour before the game looked like it was not going to be enough, it was so packed. Luckily, two stools in front of a big screen opened up just before kickoff.

The game itself was indescribable. Going down 2-0, Donovan's ICBM that Slovenia's keeper was lucky was not aimed at his head, Bradley's extremely difficult tying goal, the disallowed Edu GOAL, the curses, the singing, the muttered oaths, the death threats directed towards referee Koman Coulibaly, the guy near me who was pissing people off because he kept telling anyone within earshot that, despite being of Slovenian heritage, he was cheering for the US... all of this created such a fun atmosphere that made you feel like part of something big.

The definition of big came a few days later, with Donovan scoring nearly at the death against Algeria to put the US atop the Group C standings and into Round 2. For this moment, I was in my living room, probably still pajamas. Rare are the times when you feel like everyone in your country is on the same side of any issue, any event. This was one of them. It's hard to watch this and not get goosebumps.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 21

December 21, 2010:
2006 Upper Deck #308 Gary Sheffield

This card, whether you knew it or not, is a first in two divergent fields: baseball cards and philosophical quantum mechanics. Follow me on this one. First, familiarize yourself with the Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment. Here we have the baseball corollary to the experiment. At the crack of the bat, Sheffield broke for the ball. His vector put him on a collision course with the wall. At the point where Sheffield crossed the warning track, we entered a paradox. Sheffield's shadow split from his body, with both maintaining a path virtually guaranteeing the successful catch of the ball. At the moment of actual glove/shadow glove contact with the ball, it cannot be said with certainty whether it was Sheffield or his shadow that caught the ball.

Experts who studied this card subscribe, by and large, to the many worlds interpretation, wherein exists a simultaneous reality. This interpretation suggests that both possibilities exist at the same time, i.e. Gary Sheffield and his shadow caught the ball. This creates, philosophically, a situation where two distinct realities, one world in which the ball was caught by the man, and one in which it was caught by the shadow.

Enough of the pseudoscientific horsepuckey, let's just get to the real intent of this post: bagging on Gary Sheffield through a series of bullet points.

*According to the Sheffield Corollary to the Schrödinger's Cat theory, millions of Gary Sheffields can exist in millions of distinct realities, but all of them are douches.
*Sheffield's shadow committed suicide in 2007 in a Miami-area hotel room, unable to stand hearing how great Sheffield said he was even one more time.
*If you were to place Gary Sheffield in a box containing a lethal device that may or may not be triggered, with no way of an observer knowing whether or not the lethal device has been activated... where do I sign up to trip that trigger?
*Is that guy a dick or what?

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 20

DEcember 20, 2010:
1993 Topps #60 Jeff Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek's career took a drastic turn for the worse in the middle of the 1992-93 NBA season. Following the All-Star game festivities in Utah (which Hornacek did not attend), Jeff decided to expand his free throw face-wiping, secret-wave-to-his-kids to all of this 2-point and 3-point attempts as well. The results were disastrous, to say the least.

Not normally known for his shooting touch, Felton Spencer (coincidentally featured running slowly in the above card) was credited with helping Hornacek get his stroke back during their common time spent on the Jazz.

While You Were Sleeping...

Man, my timing sucks on these.

A new El Cheapo group break is open, posted in the somewhat wee hours. Join.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Interim Cheapo Group Break!

I have some great leads on boxes for the next monthly group break. However, I wanted to give everyone some time to exhale after the comparatively pricey December break. In order to reach a compromise, I sought out material for one of my famous El Cheapo group breaks. You know, it's been a while since I've held one of these, but today I picked up a nice lot that should satisfy a lot of team collectors.
For only $10.00, you can claim a single-team slot in this break. Here's what we're looking at. The lot I purchased was promised to have a book value of an unspecified thousands of dollars. There are going to be jersey cards, autographs, serial numbered cards, refractors, inserts... basically all of the fun stuff with no commons. I'm guessing these will be low-level hits and tons of inserts, with approximately 400-500 cards in total.

Here are some shots of cards that could theoretically be in this lot. None of these cards are guaranteed to be in our lot, since the seller used the same picture for a number of similar lots for sale.

To join, it's very simple. Claim your team(s) in the comments, then pay immediately via PayPal, $10.00.
Send payment to:

And don't forget to put your screen name, address, and team in the comments box with your payment.

Rays - Derek
Yankees - Scott Crawford (paid)
Red Sox - Zpop (paid)
Blue Jays - Retrofan (paid)
Orioles - Derek (paid)
Twins - Rhubarb Runner (paid)
White Sox -
Tigers - RoofGod (paid)
Indians - Alec (paid)
Royals -
Rangers - Play at the Plate
A's -
Angels -
Mariners - Jonathan @ RGB Cards (paid)
Phillies - BS (paid)
Braves - Chris Mays (paid)
Marlins - Derek (paid)
Mets - BA Benny (paid)
Nationals/Expos - Mad Guru (paid)
Reds - Mad Guru (paid)
Cardinals - Jim Harcar (paid)
Brewers - Thorzul
Astros -
Cubs - Phungo (paid)
Pirates -
Giants -
Padres -
Rockies -
Dodgers - gcrl (paid)
Diamondbacks - Alec (paid)

This should be a fun break, with cards ranging from 1987 to 2010.

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 19

December 19, 2010:
1990 Pro Set #535 Dan Saleaumua

Finally, the Card-vent Calendar has a football card to behold this year! I can't say that I'm "feeling kinda Sunday" today, but this card has put me in a better football mood.

Last year I had my first celebrity comment on the blog by none other than Dan Saleaumua when his card was featured on the calendar. It's great to see him again, and I hope his charity fundraising is going well.

While it's difficult to prove it was actually him, I do remember checking my Sitemeter and seeing a site view from Arizona right around the same time of his comment. The referring page was an email provider, leading me to believe that someone close to Dan sent him a link, and he followed up from there.

So... Matt Flynn tonight? The season is over, unless there's a Bears collapse of epic proportions.

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 18

December 18, 2010:
1990 Topps #674 Spike Owen

Hmm, some days, the Card-vent Calendar just spits out a random 1990 Topps card. This is the predecessor, after all, to the Topps Million Card Giveaway.

There is literally nothing interesting about Spike Owen. His Baseball Reference page lists Chico Carrasquel as having the career hitting stats most similar to his. Carrasquel played for the White Sox from 1950 to 1955, then the Indians from 1956 to the first half of 1958. He was traded on June 12, 1958 to the Kansas City A's for Billy Hunter. For the 1959 season, he was moved to the Orioles, where he played his final games. The White Sox signed him again for the 1960 season, but he was released in April without playing a game. His page's sponsors call him "The Godfather of Venezuelan Shortstops," which is more than Spike Owen can say.

I would also like to point out the punk-bitching Spike went through almost every spring as uniform numbers were assigned. Always someone with more clout. The ability to play the lottery with your jersey numbers is not a good thing.

I kid, Spike Owen. Your cards are valuable in a way that no price guide can describe.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2007 UD SP Legendary Cuts Break

As predicted, the Legendary Cuts box arrived safe and sound today. Check this out.


Sorry for hogging a couple more of the hits. I guess that's what happens when you pick up ten teams. The not-on-a-team Walt Whitman was randomed off among all participants who are not Thorzul, and the winner was Chris Mays.

Thanks for taking part, I'll be back next month with something new, and probably a little less expensive.

Oh, and these will most likely get sent out after Christmas, just so you know.

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 17

Another late one for you...

December 17, 2010:
2006 Topps Chrome #282 Chris DeMaria

How does the old saying go... "You can't polish a turd"? Totally undeserving of Chrome. Although, every team has a few guys like that.

Note to prospectors: If you're thinking of stocking up on an unproven Brewers rookie not named Ryan or Prince and you see the cap with the state of Wisconsin on it, make sure you pass.
(And if he is worth picking up, wait until he gets unloaded to another team with deeper pockets in exchange for a #3 starter getting paid #2 money who would be a #5 on a rich team. But hey, that's just how small markets roll.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

2005 Bowman Sterling Break

Woo-hoo, the box arrived!

Meh, the cards were OK. A few of you got some nice cards and can go away happy right now. Don't forget, there's still a Legendary Cuts box, if you're looking for redemption. (It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed.)

Rookie Autographs


Veteran Relics


Buyback Autograph

With one "woo-hoo" and a "meh," I feel like adding a few more Simpsons-inspired nonsense words to today's post:
Bucka Bucka
Woozle Wuzzle

Enjoy the video!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Group Break Update

Trading of teams is now closed. (Sorry, Ike's, but I'm holding on to the A's and Cubs. I kinda like the A's, and the Cubs are way more tradeable than the Astros.)

I've been tracking the Bowman Sterling box, and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I'll try to get it opened and up on video if it really gets here tomorrow.

The Cuts box should arrive Saturday, so long as USPS sticks to its schedule.

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 16

December 16, 2010:
1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men #10 Iceman

While X-Men comics have never really been my bag, I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find this card when opening today's door. The Iceman has played a formative part in my life, particularly in my transition from an adolescent to a mature, productive member of society. Let me lay it out for you.

In one of my high school yearbooks, the staff decided to fill some space with a collage of pop culture events from the previous year. I believe the year was 1994 or 1995, sililar to the date of this card. Pictured in the two page collage (and I'm going from memory here) were several instantly recognizable images: Bill Clinton doing something presidential, Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction, a Woodstock '94 Mud Person, perhaps Boris Yeltsin's face, and, of course, O.J.

And then there was the Iceman. Stuck somewhere between an ill-fitting glove and "the path of the righteous man," one of the yearbook staffers had placed a cut-out from some unknown X-Men comic. He was portrayed creating some sort of ice slide with his powers, and, to the best of my recollection, this is what he said:

"No matter what you throw at me, your boy the Iceman can whip up an icy defense in jig time… just like this instant-freeze roller coaster… Wheeeeeeeee!"

I'm not 100% certain of the exact line, but it's pretty damn close. There was just something about the quote and the odd placement that I found hilarious, as did some of my friends. In fact, I'll bet that Dr. Steve (of Doctored Cards fame) could probably recite the Iceman line as readily as I could. Has the thought of the Iceman and his instant-freeze roller coaster gotten me through some tough times? You bet it has.

Sometime soon, I'll have to head down to the basement to retrieve the yearbook and see how close I was on the quote. I'll keep you posted. (And my goodness, if someone could find the issue this was taken from, I'd love to hear it!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 15

December 15, 2010:
2006 Upper Deck All-Time Legends #ATL-15 Cy Young

Cy Young had a FUPA.

Who knew?

(Editor's Note: Don't Google Image Search that.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 14

December 14, 2010:
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #99 Robin Yount Purple Parallel (12/25)

Anybody out there watching Survivor this season? You might know a little about it, just because former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson was a contestant for a few shows before being given the boot. Well, I'm knee-deep in this season, and I've found that the producers made a grave mistake from the get-go. First of all, They actually had two guys named "Jimmy." The other one was a loudmouth douchebag from Jersey or something. Everyone actually hated him more than Johnson, but the threat of celebrity made them keep the nobody Jimmy around for a week or two longer.
Second, there were also two women named "Kelly" on the show. One of the Kellys had one real leg and one fake leg, and the other Kelly had two real legs. For some asinine reason, they called One-Leg Kelly "Kelly B." (or something like that, some initial not worth looking up), and they called Two-Leg Kelly "Purple Kelly" because at the show's onset, she had a small amount of purple color in her blonde hair. Show developments led to One-Leg Kelly being voted off, leaving Two-Leg Kelly as the lone Kelly in the game. For some stupid reason, host Jeff Probst continues to refer to Two-Leg Kelly as "Purple Kelly," even though there is no longer any reason to do so. Just call her "Kelly."

All of this leads, naturally, to the purple glory to behold that is ROBIN YOUNT. Damn... motherfucker looks great in purple. Great! GRRRRRRRRR-REAT!
There have only been a small handful of men throughout history that could pull off purple:
*Alexander the Great
*Kobe Bryant
*Rutherford B. Hayes
*Menachem Begin
*Danny Glover

Robin Yount, you are a purple god among men. I promise not to call you "Purple Robin."

P.S. If you didn't just about piss yourself at Danny Glover, you completely lack any sense of humor.