Friday, December 17, 2010

2005 Bowman Sterling Break

Woo-hoo, the box arrived!

Meh, the cards were OK. A few of you got some nice cards and can go away happy right now. Don't forget, there's still a Legendary Cuts box, if you're looking for redemption. (It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed.)

Rookie Autographs


Veteran Relics


Buyback Autograph

With one "woo-hoo" and a "meh," I feel like adding a few more Simpsons-inspired nonsense words to today's post:
Bucka Bucka
Woozle Wuzzle

Enjoy the video!


Scott Crawford said...

Woohoo, 4 uninspiring autos in one box! :D

Actually, even for someone who isn't much of a fan, that Anderson ain't too terrible.

I'd call the box fair-to-middlin'. The McCutchen's the big hit of the box (and I'm glad it went to the house, considering how many teams he fronted for), and it's not a bad one. The Pujols, Tex, Schilling and Pedro relics are good as relics go (and I feel good so far about trading the Mets, because my trade partner got something good and something I wouldn't have wanted in one pop), and Volstad and Niemann have a chance of carving out careers for themselves still.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

You forgot Kywjibo.

Word verification: opingleb. That almost could be a Simpsons word itself.