Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 23

Editor's Note: Readers, today's Card-vent Calendar post is an encore entry from the vast Thorzul archives. Enjoy this reprint of a letter to Santa written in December of 1991 by young Timmy, age 7.

December 23, 2010:
1991 Pro Line Portraits #80 Burt Grossman

Dear Santa,
This Christmas, there's a whole bunch of stuff I could ask you for. I wish my legs worked like the other kids'. I wish I had my own bed. I really wish I had more than a stick and an empty Kleenex box to play with.
But I don't want you to bring me any of those things this year. For Christmas this year, I want a Zubaz hat. San Diego Chargers, if possible.
I already have a Zubaz T-shirt, and those Zubaz weightlifting pants. (Hopefully I can gain enough weight this year to finally fit into them.) And for my birthday, I got a pair of discarded Zubaz shorts. I didn't even know those existed! They're so roomy, but maybe that's because I'm so malnourished.
If you can tell your elves to make one for me, I really really want a Zubaz hat. I have never seen one in a store, but I know you could get me one anyways.
Timmy Teedmann

Dear Timmy,

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