Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 Card-vent Calendar: December 6

December 6, 2010:
1996 Panini Star Wars Sticker #24

I'd love to give a name to this sticker, but I'm afraid my Star Wars Universe knowledge is less-than-encyclopedic. I realize that this scene takes place during the Battle of Yavin, but what do they call that place? The best I could do was scour Wookieepedia for an answer. I was able to find a picture that might hold the answer.

Above we see the Rebel command center, headed by Jan Dodonna. If you don't recognize this bearded fellow, you might remember his "two meters wide" speech. Dodonna is flanked by Leia, of course (to her left, C-3PO), and a nameless (?) military strategist. The title identifies this place as the Massassi Station Opcenter. The mythology of this universe is so incredibly dense and dependent on more novels than I care to read that I can't go too much further into it than that.

However, I was always enthralled by this command center. First of all, you've got the maps and vectors and line just about every available open space. If television has taught us nothing else, it's that smart guys don't use paper: they write on glass panels with squeaky markers and you only get to see their writings, backwards, from the opposite side of the glass.
Then you've got the round battle map which was used to gauge the Rebellion's trench progress, as well as counting down the impending disaster awaiting Yavin-IV. I've always thought of this bowl-shaped map as one of those "quarter suckers" that museums and places like that like to put out to encourage donations. You know what I'm talking about: you put your coin in the slot, let go, and centripetal force does its magic. You get to watch your quarter roll in increasingly smaller spirals down towards a central hole. Before you know it, your nickel (or penny, you cheap bastard) is lost forever, and the public museum has to pay for another homonid model (with optional dangling genetalia) using nothing but pocket change. I hope the Rebel Alliance wasn't amusing themselves this way during lulls in the Battle of Yavin while Luke, Wedge, and Porkins (bless his soul) were fighting for the fate of the galaxy.

There's probably a ton of misinformation here that a bigger Star Wars nerd will rip to shreds, so to distract you from doing so, here's a link to the complete Panini sticker set, currently up for bid on eBay. Tempted to throw a bid up there, but without the album... meh.


Anonymous said...

And why the Empire waited to clear the planet before attempting to fire on the rebel moon instead of just blasting the planet out of the way in the first place, the universe will never know. That's why the Emperor took things into his own hands the next time around.

Doc said...

Oh man, I feel the nerd in me screaming. I will take on rhubarb's question and tarry with the fact that Yavin was a gas planet and that the Death Star couldn't blow up a gas planet. Plus, we never did know what the recharge rate was on the Death Star. It could have taken hours or days to recharge, so I imagine the Empire was saving themselves for a clear shot.

Thorzul, I have 50 SW paperbacks if you want them...

Retrofan said...

I believe an appropriate title might be "Countdown to Destruction." The Massassi Temple on Yavin IV besides being the makeshift headquarters of the Rebel Alliance also served as the New Jedi Orders home base, where Luke Skywalker trained a new generation of Jedi post ROTJ including his neice and nephews Jada, Jacen and Anakin Solo.

Tony Brown said...

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?