Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Group Break is Open

This month, we're going to go a little bigger with the group break. It's really come time for a higher end product, but still something somewhat off the radar. I hate it whenever someone gets totally skunked in a break, getting no cards whatsoever, and this break will try to circumvent that problem. We will be opening one (1) box of 2005 Bowman Sterling and one (1) box of 2007 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts.

I will stick with the one chosen team/one random team format, same as last month. Once the fifteenth team is picked, the remaining fifteen will be randomly assigned. The cost of this break will be $32.50 for each two-team slot. A little higher than normal, but the Sterling box could have a huge upside to it. If it helps, think of it as a small addition to your Christmas spending bottom line. Plus, I'm now two-for-two on cut signatures from Legendary Cuts in these breaks. Who knows?

You can claim your team by leaving a comment. Then send your PayPal payment to:

As always, include the following information with your payment: screen name, real name, mailing address, and team choice.

Rays -
Yankees - Scott Crawford (paid)
Red Sox - Cardsplitter (paid)
Blue Jays -
Orioles - Zpop (paid)
Twins -
White Sox - Thorzul
Tigers - Thorzul
Indians - David (paid)
Royals - Thorzul
Rangers -
Athletics -
Angels -
Mariners -
Phillies - Phungo/deal
Braves - Chris Mays (paid)
Marlins -
Mets -
Nationals/Expos - Thorzul
Reds - Alex (paid)
Cardinals - Ike's Cards (paid)
Brewers -Thorzul
Astros -
Cubs -
Pirates -
Giants - BS (paid)
Padres -
Rockies -
Dodgers - gcrl (paid)
Diamondbacks -

Thanks in advance, and good luck in the December break!


Cardsplitter said...

red sox. payment comin'

Chris Mays said...

I'll take the Braves. Payment will be sent in the next 5 mins.

deal said...

Phillies to team Phungo - I am do for a grouper. Payment shortly.

Scott Crawford said...

Heck with it. Yankees, if you can wait until I make it to the bank tomorrow morning!

Alex said...

REDS please

Zpop said...

I'll take the Orioles please.

--David said...

I picked the Tribe, of course! Money sent. :-)

IkesCards said...

We're in for the Cardinals.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take the Giants. Payment has been sent. Thank you.


gcrl said...

dodgers please