Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Group Break Randomization

Well, since nobody else wanted to get in on this break, I went ahead and picked up the remaining four slots. I went with a few of the teams I kind of like, the White Sox, Tigers, Royals, and Nationals/Expos. The remaining teams were then randomized, with the chosen teams each being assigned a number according to the order of original list (Yankees/Scott Crawford 1, Red Sox/Cardsplitter 2… up to Dodgers/gcrl 15). The results of the randomization can be seen below.

The randomization resulted in the following master break list:
Rays - Thorzul
Yankees - Scott Crawford (paid)
Red Sox - Cardsplitter (paid)
Blue Jays - Alex
Orioles - Zpop (paid)
Twins - BS
White Sox - Thorzul
Tigers - Thorzul
Indians - David (paid)
Royals - Thorzul
Rangers - Chris Mays
Athletics - Thorzul
Angels - Zpop (TRADED to Scott Crawford)
Mariners - gcrl
Phillies - Phungo/deal
Braves - Chris Mays (paid)
Marlins - David
Mets - Scott Crawford (TRADED to Zpop)
Nationals/Expos - Thorzul
Reds - Alex (paid)
Cardinals - Ike's Cards (paid)
Brewers -Thorzul
Astros - Ike's Cards
Cubs - Thorzul
Pirates - Thorzul
Giants - BS (paid)
Padres - Thorzul
Rockies - Cardsplitter
Dodgers - gcrl (paid)
Diamondbacks - Phungo/deal

The boxes have now been ordered, and are likely to arrive at two different times because they will be coming from two different sources. Go ahead and make trades in the comments section, if you so desire.


Scott Crawford said...

I'd be up for the Angels, A's or Pirates (in that order) if anyone wants to take the Mets off my hands. Not a lot in Metski-land that appeals to me, though you could land a Seaver or a Ryan and make me hate myself for trading. :D I'm mostly looking to avoid Piazza, Pedro, and Beltran here. If not, no biggie, tradebait (and I know 'Zul took on a lot with this break, so if he doesn't wanna trade who he ended up with for some reason, that's totally cool with me), but if so, comment here.

Zpop said...

I'll trade you the Angels. They're just not interesting to me.

Scott Crawford said...

Cool, done! This way, we can both still get Ryan. =)

Thorzul said...

Your trade has been recorded.

IkesCards said...

Any interest in the Astros? Would be interested in Marlins, Cubs, or A's.

Alex said...

Blue Jays are open to trade:

I will listen to any offer.

I like Detroit and Pittsburgh.