Friday, December 31, 2010

Does This Make Me an Asshole?

I'm ending this year the same way I started it godammit, as a Grade-A Asshole.

A short time ago, I saw a box of cards I wanted to buy on eBay. I'm not going to mention the product or the seller, but this box had a Buy It Now of $79.95. Not a bad price, by any means, but it's always worth a shot to try to get it cheaper. So, I sent an offer of $65.00. Still fair, not at all insulting.
Less than 48 hours later, BOOM, denied.

A day or so after that, Blowout Cards announces some sales, and lo and behold, prices on boxes of the very product I wanted had fallen to $60.00. Yeah, fill up the cart and show your ass to the too-good-I-can-turn-away-a-sale seller (one of the other online retailers who also maintains an eBay presence). Both lips, both cheeks, muh muh muh muh muh.

The deal from Blowout was so good, in fact, that I felt the need to write a thank you note to the rubber stamp holders who nixed my offer.

Yes, it was a dick move, but I would betray my true nature if I didn't try to entertain and offend simultaneously.
To the credit of the eBayer, they sent a return message, one that refused to stoop to my level.

In 2011, I promise to make eBay the one-stop shop for fear and intimidation. Sellers will be left with no choice but to accept my low-ball offers. Let's stick it to The Man in two-aught-elf.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

It might make you an asshole but like you said, it was a REASONABLE offer. If people aren't willing to negotiate or at least entertain REASONABLE offers then they need to do BIN. Otherwise they'll get the scorn that's coming to them (like your email).

dayf said...

MY local card shop just offered me a 'deal' on a box of 2009 Philadelphia football cards. $60 instead of the $70 sticker price. I don't have the heart to tell him they are $33 at Blowout...

Fuji said...

Lol... that was awesome and hilarious. More of us should send these messages to dealer who don't accept more than reasonable offers.

To the seller's credit... I'm glad he was kind enough to reply in a positive manner.

Happy New Year!

Colbey (flywheels) said...

I thought your note was rather funny. I don't get why sellers insist on using the Best Offer feature when they never accept a reasonable offer. I've yet to make an offer that was accepted.

Pop Startled said...

I'll be the dissenter. We're all looking for the best deals, and seller are trying to make the most amount of money. Your offer may have been reasonable for you, but there may be other circumstances that made it reasonable for the seller to deny your offer. Your message to them was a little bit of an eff you and unnecessary. You got a good deal, why do you need the validation of trying to get a rise out of a person trying to make a doesn't seem like they were being dicks.

Just one man's opinion...maybe you wanted to make an entertaining blog piece?

Derek said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHA! Thats awesome. Glad you got such a good deal!