Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Callsies

Sign up for the December group break by the end of the day. If necessary, I'll pick up the last few (4) teams so the break can still take place. Randomization will occur tomorrow.


Scott Crawford said...


I was just poking around on an '07 Legendary Cuts checklist, and had 2 questions:

1. How do you handle divvying out the cards that aren't from any of the selectable teams? For instance, there's a Charles Lindbergh cut sig in '07 Cuts and a bunch of Americana cards, and possibly more simply, there's a Judy Johnson auto from the Pittsburgh Crawfords (I'm guessing that'd go to whoever ends up with the Pirates if it gets pulled).

2. In the cases of dual and quad autos, who gets what? For instance, there's a quad with Ruth, Ott, Greenberg and Foxx in this set. Does it go to whoever's name appears first? Does it go to whoever's team has an auto with the highest book value? Random drawing?

This being my first group break, I'm definitely curious about your policies on these (I'm sure everyone's policies vary), though it changes nothing about my participation, obviously.

As for the rest of you: sign up for this one! It's awesome! Seriously, tons of great stuff in Cuts and Sterling has more than its share as well.

Thorzul said...

Those cases are generally handled via randomization. This popped up in the '09 Piece of History box earlier this year, and the Hollywood relics were randomly assigned. I think everyone was pleased.