Friday, December 3, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #10

As long as the trades keep coming in, I'll keep posting them. Here's another one high on the "anything" meter from veteran trader Kerry from Portland, Oregon.

Giving: Topps Attax Adam Wainwright, Turkey Red #TR128 Chris Carpenter

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Monsters of the Mesozoic #MM7 Spinosaurus

Target 50 cents off coupons for "Wacky Pack item" and "1-liter single-serve Dasani purified water"

Lot of six Brewers "prospects"

On-product Cap'n Crunch trading cards featuring Magnolia Bulkhead...


...and a trade-encouraging sailor-boy

*God, those El Paso Diablos caps are hysterical. It's as if the guy who was in charge of picking out the uniforms was shown a cap sample with the basic default font and he just said, "Fuck it, we'll take 'em." They almost need to say "Your Team Name Here" to be any more generic.

*It's always fun to hold a card that's been cut out of a box. I only hope that an MLB-licensed foodstuff card will be produced again within my lifetime.

*I've drastically cut back on retail wax (well, all wax, really) this year, but I'm reminded that I should treat myself to some Wacky Packages now and again.

*Those wannabe Brewers were just garbage. Their careers ranged from "It ain't gonna happen, kid," to "Not a chance in hell."

*My Ginter Dinos are already finished. That'll happen, though, when you attempt a dozen simultaneous blind trades.

Enjoy your Cardinals, Kerry, and I hope you take part in TMA-V!

Oh, and there's a rare two-connection background photo today. Can you spot both links to 50 First Dates?


SpastikMooss said...

Whoa cool, I cut out those Crunch Berrie cards too! Glad to see we've a cereal loving bunch!

As for 50 First Dates, does the connection go deeper than simply Adam? I don't remember Wainwright or Carpenter ever suffering from amnesia or working with aquatic animals. Or particularly enjoying the Beach Boys.

cynicalbuddha said...

Those Diablo hats are great. I think I might still have one in the closet at my parents house somewhere. I got to see Gary Sheffield and Billy Jo Roubideax play in El Paso when my dad was station there in the 80's. Billy Jo made it for a few years in the majors I think that other guy did too.