Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trade Me Anything IV: Trade #13

Trade Me Anything IV has been on a long hiatus since the last trade, which is unfortunate, since there was only one trade left to post. The finale was sent in by Max in New Jersey. I can't believe we have to wait almost a whole 'nother year until we can do this again.

#US-85 Starlin Castro
Topps Attax Ike Davis
Legendary Lineage #LL-61 Dave Winfield/Jason Heyward
#LL-62 Walter Johnson/Stephen Strasburg
#LL-63 Victor Martinez/Carlos Santana

#LL-64 Rod Carew/Robinson Cano
Peak Performance #PP-124 Daniel Nava

Million Card Giveaway #TMC-22 Gary Carter (redeemed)

A large stack of Brewers. Instead of the usual pluses and minuses of the trade, I'll highlight some of my favorites.

1995 Pinnacle UC3 #94 Greg Vaughn
This card is the perfect example of the oddness that permeated the hobby in the post-strike era. I checked out all of the online card sites, and I'm still not sure I have the name of this right. Is it Pinnacle? Is it merely UC3? Can I trust the Sportflics branding on the back? How can I tell if this is an Artist's Proof or not (some of which still command a surprisingly high dollar amount today)? I'm glad that in 1995 I had other things on my mind. Still, it's a cool card today.

1990 Topps Major League Debut #39 LaVel Freeman
Along with his 1989 Upper Deck card, I am on my way to becoming a Freeman Supercollector. According to my sources (which may be incomplete), Freeman only has one other regular card, a 1987 Texas League All-Stars card. Reportedly, there is also a buyback of his 1989 UD card that was issued for the 20th Anniversary in '09. Yeah, not going after that one. (Speaking of which, dayumn. The case it's in is hideous, but I'd like to have pulled one of those.)

1984 Topps Ralston Purina #3 Ted Simmons
He always looks so angry. I'd love to have a catcher like that on my team again.

1984 Donruss #1 Robin Yount Diamond Kings
You may already know this, but the 1984 DK's have errors on them. At the bottom of the back of the card, the name "Steele" is accidentally spelled "Steel." Apparently, this error was later corrected. My empirical evidence seems to suggest that the "error" cards are actually more readily available than the corrected versions. My original copy of this card also contains the "Steel" spelling, and I do not own the "Steele" version. Can someone back be up on this, or do I have my facts wrong?

1988 Panini #114 Brewers Sticker
No better way to close out TMA-2010 than with a great looking sticker like this one.

Thanks, Max, and thanks everyone else. Y'all come back in 2011, y'hear?


SpastikMooss said...

The UC3 Artist's Proof cards have a big "Artist's Proof" insignia in the bottom corner of the card. So that's not one. I wish it was labeled like the base Pinnacle cards though, which said Artist's Proof like 100 times in the background of the card in shiny glory. Ah those were the days.

dayf said...

The "Steele" cards are indeed more scarce than the "Steel" errors. My old-ass out of date SCD catalog has the Steel Yount at $3 and the Steele Yount at $5. I wonder if the corrected cards made it into packs or if they corrected it for the factory sets.

cynicalbuddha said...

I do believe that the corrected Steele cards were only available in the factory sets. Hence the rarerness.

Steve78 said...

LaVel Freeman was actually pretty cool. I featured him in October.