Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Completion: Alphabet Soup

Over the holidays, I received the final card necessary to complete my 2009 Topps Finest autographed manufactured letter patch set spelling Mat Gamel's name.

Oddly enough, the order in which I picked up these cards was the exact order of the letters in his name. I suppose I picked up the "G" on a lark, and it slowly developed into a conquest. This search had two main things going for it. First, these were all had for a song. Well, not quite a song, but they didn't break the bank. Gamel's career track significantly slowed during the 2010 season. Although he virtually disappeared form the roster, he still has a place on future Milwaukee Brewers squads. Secondly, Gamel is a nice, short name to spell. I checked to see if any company ever dared try this stunt with Jarod Saltalamacchia. I did find a letter patch for him, but it's of the letter "E," the only one in the alphabet not to appear in his last name. I wonder what it's supposed to spell?

Lengthy surnames aside, what do you think of this completed set?
Do you find it...?

Or is it quite...?

OK, MEGA is kind of a stupid, at least as a positive descriptor. My other option was GEM, but that's even dumber. Whatever. Voice your opinion in the sidebar.


dayf said...

I think it's quite glam myself.

Thorzul said...

Well done, sir. Not sure how that one slipped by me.

Spankee said...

damn, dayf beat me to it. He must be a mage...yeah, sorry.

ThingsareFunnerHere said...

I just finished a post on letter cards...then I noticed you posted this. We're on the same wavelength tonight :-). Oh, and you surely didn't "LAG" behind in collecting the cards. Selling them all would land you cash for a nice "MEAL." Ok, I'll stop.

Fuji said...

I think this completed set has mega game. Congratulations!

Chris Harris said...

Manuletters are mega lame.

madding said...

Those sweet letter cards just GLEAM off the webpage.

I can't believe I just said "sweet".

Milwaukee Southpaw said...

Nice set! Let's hope Gamel can actually contribute something to the team this year.

And as far as Saltalamacchia, given his case of the yips perhaps the "E" is part of "RUBE BAKER"?