Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gonzaga Card Show Report - Part 1: Local Heroes

I went to the Gonzaga Hall sports card show this morning with a few goals in mind. Chief among these was to settle the nerves and kill some time before this afternoon's game. I made a point on the drive there to set a few collecting goals, and I settled on four:
1. Find some vintage Milwaukee Braves.
2. Find some vintage (pre-1980) Packers.
3. Get at least one thing from my want list.
4. Buy a nice Robin Yount card to add to my collection.
Trying to achieve all of these goals on a budget of about $25 was a tall task. Did I meet these collecting goals?

2002 Donruss Classics Classic Legends Robin Yount (Game-Worn Gray) #CS-13 (008/100)
This card was found at the table of one of my favorite sellers. He has a nice bunch of local teams' stuff, but his prices on Yount jersey cards come in a bit high. However, I bought a bunch of other cards (some to be featured here, some in a future post), and came in at $17.00. The Yount accounted for about ten of those dollars. I like the interesting color scheme. It's hard to go wrong sticking to primary.

1959 Topps #499 Johnny O'Brien, #204 Casey Wise, and #436 Granny Hamner
Come to think of it, all of this post's cards came from that same seller. He always seems to have a few well-worn cards from the late '50s in a 50-cent box, and I always make sure to grab a couple. O'Brien only played the 1959 season with Milwaukee, and Wise saw limited action in two seasons. And Granny Hamner, his claim to fame was the part he played in a very difficult card rebus.

1974 Topps #400 John Brockington

1978 Topps #271 Chester Marcol
Star of one of the goofiest and greatest plays in Packer history. (I ain't saying whom it was against, so as not to jinx it.)

1997 Upper Deck #15 Ray Nitschke
One of the greatest linebackers of all-time, with the added bonus of never having appeared on "My Two Dads."

1982 Topps #466 Randy Lerch
You rang?
Okay, I picked this one up as the third-to-last card needed to complete my 1982 Topps set. I already traded for it in the Million Card Giveaway, but this one was practically free.
Randy looks like an older brother that would buy you beer if you were in high school for an extra five bucks and a pack of smokes.

I believe that completes all four collecting goals.

More on this show to follow.


AdamE said...

Late 50s cards for 50 cents!!! And you didn't buy them all???

Milwaukee Southpaw said...

Nice stuff, I really like that Yount.

I used to go to Gonzaga Hall shows regularly back in the day (there and Serb Hall were the two I usually went to), I'll have to get there again sometime