Monday, January 24, 2011

Gonzaga Card Show Report - Part 2: Tripping Balls

We're going back to the 50-cent box tonight. On a limited budget, I could pick only the choicest cuts. Let's start with 1957.

1957 Topps #206 Willard Schmidt

A printing mishap by the boys over at Topps turned a substantially "blah" posed shot into a bad cardboard trip. I wonder it would have been like to have gotten this card as a crew-cutted whippersnapper. Instant corruption, says me. It might have been like having your family get its first TV set, and the first show you saw after turning it on was this:
Yikes, maybe you shouldn't watch that clip so soon after looking at the card. I've just turned on, tuned in, and am just about ready to drop out.

1957 Topps #390 Reno Bertoia

Whoa, that dude is zonked. He just went straight form the batter's box to hot boxing the dugout. The mom from Almost Famous should have been pointing to this guy's eyes instead of Simon and Garfunkel's.

And the card doctoring... I think Bertoia did that himself. It helped him remember what team he played for whenever things got fuzzy.


Anonymous said...

Bad cardboard trip? Dude, that is a 3D card! Go get your 3D glasses and check it out

Jay said...

I agree bad trip minus the the unusual patterns that are normally present.

Oh wait a second that would be a good trip wouldn't it?