Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gonzaga Card Show Report - Part 3: '58 Madness

Another installment of... "It Came From the 50-Cent Box!"

1958 Topps #229 Frank Zupo
It was the only card of Frank Topps ever issued, but you can say one thing... at least he fucking went for it.

1958 Topps #458 Julio Becquer

Team change identification is a common cause of card doctoring, but I've never seen such an acute case. A previous owner got really hung up on the fact that, despite Becquer's move to the Los Angeles Angels in the expansion draft, the 1958 Topps card failed to physically morph to accommodate his team status. I count ten "LA"'s, one "Los Angeles," and a sly bit of doctoring with an underscoring of the lower-case "l" in Julio's first name and the out-and-out changing of Becquer to "Becquar." That's some commitment right there, my friends.

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Jay said...

Holly crap..

I wonder if Mr Zupo shaved his eyebrows as a child. Talking about a unibrow that thing looks like a uni bush.