Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gonzaga Card Show Report - Part 4: 1959 Lookers

Here's the last bunch of vintage goodness from the four-bits bin.

1959 Topps #302 Don Mossi
Compared to some of his other Topps issues, Don looks like an outright dreamboat in '59.

1959 Topps #489 John C. Powers
Speaking of handsome men, here's a 'do you can set your watch to. Powers doesn't want Fop, goddammit... He's a Dapper Dan man!

1959 Topps #328 Lou Skizas
Lou is sporting the biggest smile of the three gentlemen today.
Wherever you are, "Stephen," I just want you to know I'm enjoying your card.


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Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

What a great line from a great movie.