Sunday, January 2, 2011

Interim Cheapo Break: AL Central

Today, we're headed for the Rust Belt, Breadbasket, Crudbucket, Flyover country on the American League Central. There were a few unclaimed teams in this division, so there are only three to show for now.

Team: Indians
Claimed By: Alec
Best Card: 2003 Donruss #24 Fernando Cabrera AUTO (0750/1000)
Cabrera has been hanging on to minor pitching roles in MLB since 2004 with stops in Baltimore and Boston after his first few years with Cleveland. The A's signed Cabrera as a free agent just a few weeks ago. Last year, Cabrera got in to one game for the Red Sox, giving up 3 earned runs in 1.1 innings, good for a 20.25 ERA. Yikes!

Team: Tigers
Claimed By: RoofGod
Best Card: 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball 1941 Hank Greenberg Reprint
There are a bunch of Bowman rookies in the Tigers lot, but this was the card that caught my eye. This card's text includes the terms "two-bagger" and "four-bagger," as well as the word "lusty." Those copywriters in the '40s were some sick fucks.

Team: Twins
Claimed By: Rhubarb Runner
Best Card: 1963 Fleer #24 Rich Rollins
A small amount of vintage cards snuck into this lot, and I promise all of them will be featured. Fortunately, the others are in better condition than this one, which has a tear on the left side. Rollins played in both All-Star Games in 1962. Both. Look it up.

Quite the interesting range of cards. We'll be back to close out the American League soon.

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mmmrhubarb said...

Turns out the Rollins card is the one I needed from that set. Bummer about the condition.