Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Interim Cheapo Break: NL Central

Onto my home division, the National League Central. By chance, do you know that last team from this division to have won a playoff game. If you guessed the Milwaukee Brewers in 2008, you're correct. We took one game from the Phillies that year. Since then, nada. It's actually kind of depressing.

Team: Cardinals
Claimed By: Jim Harcar
Best Card: 2007 Topps Chrome #344 Chris Narveson AUTO
Gaaaaahhh, I'm jealous of this Jim Harcar character. It's his first group break, and he hits an auto of a current Brewers starter. Perhaps I can talk him into a trade for this puppy.

Team: Cubs
Claimed By: Phungo
Best Card: 1990 Topps #114 Mike Bielecki AUTO
The Cubs stack is misleadingly large because of a few 2010 Topps Chrome Bendies. Who woulda thought that a 1990 Topps issue would take the cake. This is some sort of in-person autograph. Taking some time to think about it, 1990 Topps would be an ideal candidate to attempt a TTM autograph set, just for the weirdness factor.

There's even some sort of authentication sticker on the back. I don't recognize its origin. Anyone?

Team: Reds
Claimed By: Mad Guru
Best Card: 1967 Topps #96 Art Shamsky
I love it that a few of these popped up in this lot. There was also a sweet '87 Donruss Barry Larkin housed in a plastic snap case. Overkill, ladies and gentlemen.

Team: Brewers
Claimed By: Thorzul
Best Card: 2010 Topps 206 #200 Corey Hart Gold Parallel
The Brewers selection was a real garbage dump this time around, making this lame-ass parallel the best card. I probably have three of these now, but it took me until now to fully digest the ornery look on Corey's face. It's the face that lets you know he wants you to get off of his shed.


deal said...

whoohoo 1990 Topps Auto - Case Hit!!!

WV = "dityphoo" really that is what it is. Can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Hell, gimmie a Cardinal scrub auto or a couple of base Alberts and the Narveson is yours.


madding said...

I got to witness Narveson's first career start in person. It was a tragic affair in an oversized sweaty gym in Houston circa 2006. I didn't know he had any fans.

Of course, I would still covet this auto if it were mine and not be as charitable as Jim here.

Laurens said...