Friday, January 7, 2011

Interim Cheapo Break: NL East

Well, we've arrived at the end at last. Finally, we all get to see some of the best from the National League East.

Team: Phillies
Claimed By: BS
Best Card: 1971 Topps #233 Larry Bowa
Here's another one of those vintage cards that snuck into the lot. I love old cards of Phillies in their "longies." Gotta stay warm.

Team: Nationals/Expos
Claimed By: Mad Guru
Best Card: 2006 Topps Turkey Red #606 Ryan Zimmerman White Parallel
This lot also had a numbered rookie from Donruss Elite or something, but for overall aesthetic value, this Zimmerman takes the cake. A National in a home jersey just looks great with the white frame. The OCD side of me wants to straighten that scan, but what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

Team: Mets
Claimed By: BA Benny
Best Card: 2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP-115 Ike Davis
I'm sorry to say, but it was hard to find a best card in this lot. Mediocre from top to bottom, but that's just to my untrained eye. A Mets fan would probably be able to tell me otherwise.
Why Ike Davis?...
Why not?

Team: Braves
Claimed By: Chris Mays
Best Card: 2010 Topps Chrome #197 Brandon Hicks AUTO
The back of this card uses the phrase "personnel crunch." I thought that was what happened to Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie in that garbage compactor.
Great card. And not the only autographed card in the Braves lot. I'll let Chris discover the other one.

Team: Marlins
Claimed By: Derek
Best Card: 2010 Topps 2020 #T12 Chris Coughlan
These 2020 cards are good for one thing, and one thing only:
Looking at.

And collecting.

And, um, to scratch on and pretend you're a DJ. Okay, I guess that's three things. That's three more than Bowman Chrome.

Thanks to everyone who took part. I will be back with one final post showing what was left unclaimed. And I'll be packaging these cards. About half have gone out, along with about half of the December break proper. Thanks for your patience.

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Derek said...

Dang I was hoping for a Marlin auto to use as trade bait...there's always next time!