Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Group Break: Full Team Assignments

The non-baseball teams have been randomized. Screen caps below.

To save you the task of figuring your teams out, here's the master list below:
1. Angels - Cardsplitter (Coyotes, Spurs, Chiefs)
2. Athletics - Thorzul (Red Wings, Clippers, Patriots)
3. Rangers - Colin (Bruins, Rockets, Texans)
4. Mariners - Derek (Sabers, Raptors, Lions)
5. White Sox - Colin (L.A. Kings, Celtics*****, Bills***)
6. Indians - Thorzul (Penguins, Cavaliers, Saints)
7. Royals - Chris Mays (Canadiens, Timberwolves, Broncos)
8. Twins - jacobmrley (Blue Jackets, Trail Blazers, Chargers)
9. Tigers - Phungo (Capitals, Knicks, Seahawks)
10. Red Sox - Cardsplitter (Flames, Pistons, Rams)
11. Yankees - longlivethewho (Ducks*, Heat, Eagles****)
12. Blue Jays - Ikescards (Predators, Warriors, Panthers)
13. Orioles - beardy (Devils, Nets, Colts)
14. Rays - longlivethewho (Maple Leafs, Thunder, Cardinals)
15. Cubs - Thorzul (Lightning, Hawks, Redskins)
16. Cardinals - Ikescards (Oilers, Bulls, Jaguars)
17. Brewers - Thorzul (Hurricanes, Grizzlies, Dolphins)
18. Pirates - Alex (Stars, Sac. Kings, Titans)
19. Astros - BS (Rangers, Pacers, Falcons)
20. Reds - Alex (Wild, Hornets, Steelers)
21. Padres - Phungo (Thrashers, Suns, Browns)
22. Diamondbacks - Thorzul (Flyers**, Bucks, Bengals)
23. Dodgers - Thorzul (Panthers, Sixers, Giants)
24. Giants - BS (Blackhawks, Lakers, Bears)
25. Rockies - Derek (Islanders, Magic, Ravens)
26. Braves - Chris Mays (Sharks, Nuggets, Packers)
27. Nationals/Expos - beardy (Avalanche, Bobcats, 49ers)
28. Mets - jacobmrley (Senators, Jazz, Raiders)
29. Phillies - Phungo (Blues, Mavericks******, Buccaneers)
30. Marlins - Phungo (Canucks, Wizards, Vikings)

Feel free now to trade anything for anything. Remember, the Famous Fabrics box is just one card, so it could go to anybody. If you have a team probably not represented in that box, too bad, you're SOL.
That being said, a few interesting groupings popped up. Colin (#3) picked the Rangers, then ended up with the Rockets and Texans. I'm pretty happy with the Pens, Cavs, Saints trio (#6), plus I got my Bucks. I doubt they even have a card in that set, though. The Blackhawks, Lakers, Bears group owned by BS is very strong on paper. I feel that Ikescards #12 is possibly the worst group, but his #16 more than makes up for it. Oilers (possible Gretzky?) and Bulls (possible Jordan?) are nice.

Oh, and the final two NFL teams were the Jets and Cowboys. Soooooo, if we get some kind of crazy Namath/Aikman dual DNA card, everyone will be eligible in a final randomization.

Trade away, pyewps! Have a little fun with this one. Inconsequential, most likely, but fun nonetheless.

* Traded to Thorzul
** Traded to longlivethewho
*** Traded to longlivethewho
**** Traded to Colin
***** Traded to Phungo
****** Traded to Colin


longlivethewho said...

Steve, are you interested in trading the Bills for the Eagles? And Thorzul, the Flyers for the Ducks? Thanks

Code word: prics

Thorzul said...

Sure, you can have the Flyers for the Ducks. Good karma and all...

Colin said...

Yes - you can have the Bills for the Eagles .. works for me

deal said...

Colin can I interest you in Mavs for Celts. and possibly Bucs Seahawks or Browns for the Eagles.

Colin said...

Mavs for Celts I'll do. Book it. I think I will hold the Eagles though.

Thorzul said...

All trades have been noted. If I made any errors, let me know.