Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Five Pulls of 2010: #2

Up until the very last week in December, this second-best pull of 2010 was poised to be the second consecutive non-baseball player card to take the top spot. This card has sat in a magnetic case since being pulled early on in the year. Without further ado...

2008 Topps Campaign 2008 Barack Obama Letter Patch "A" (22/50)

From: Series 2 Jumbo Box

Why I Love This Card: Well, there's this.
However, putting politics aside, this stands on its own as a tough, tough pull. Since I pulled this card out of one of those supercheapo jumbo boxes, I can't remember seeing another one of these Obama letter patches on eBay. At this moment, the Beckett Marketplace (a last resort set-building stop) has the same letter "A" for sale. Yes, $600 is a completely outlandish price, but this is at least a three-figure card, for sure.

There are other Obama letter patch cards out there from Topps and Upper Deck, but they spell out stupid shit like "COMMANDER IN CHIEF" and other impossible-to-complete bullshit.
Oh, and right around this time I pulled this card, I received an extra $1,500 in tax rebate money for installing 18 energy efficient windows in my home in 2008. So, yay for that. Thank you, fellow taxpayers. And thanks to the big lefty.

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dayf said...

Dangit, I keep forcing myself to think up reasons why I don't need any $30 Topps boxes on Blowout.

You're not helping.