Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video Box Break: 2001 Pacific Football

I'll let the video speak for itself. It's a bit long, but informative.

The Booty (Literally (Partially, At Least)):
#454 Travis Henry AUTO (0156/1500)

#451 Alex Bannister AUTO (1020/1750)

War Room #3 Josh Booty

Retail Ltd. (All #/299)

All in all, a pleasantly surprising box. In total, I have opened one hobby box, another retail box, and those few loose retail packs almost ten years ago. Those two are the first autographs I've pulled. I've got about 80% of the base set completed, and I think I'll leave my goal at completing that. There's a large rookie set extension, but they are all SPs.


Jay said...

With Nine Mouths to Feed, Travis Henry Says He’s Broke.


Heres the link..


Anonymous said...

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