Sunday, February 6, 2011

Card Show Report Part 1: Younts Galore

This morning, mostly in an effort to kill some time and steady the nerves, I headed out to the Serb Hall card show. Things went much better than expected, despite this being the smaller of the two regular Milwaukee shows. In the first part of my report, I will show off the cards I got from one of my favorite dealers. This dealer is the guy who organizes this show, and he usually comes correct with four or five tables' worth of vintage cards in binders for set builders and even more player- and team-specific binders. His stock of rare Yount oddballs is rather impressive, and I almost always see something I didn't even know existed. Here's what I picked up from the Variety King.

1990 Miller High Life
I already had the '91 High Life Robin Yount card, but I've never seen this one. The binder had a sticker on the slot that read "$10." We'll get to that later. I love this card for its connection to a Milwaukee institution, as well as the County Stadium action shot. The Champagne of Beers for the Champagne of Brewers.

Here's another one I've never laid eyes upon before, a Red Foley card from 1994. While I do have a few Red Foley stickers, I'm not completely up to speed on their origin. Apparently Red Foley was a sportswriter and official scorer. Look him up on Amazon in the Books section, and you find that Red Foley was also a baseball card aficionado, with several titles to his credit, even a book about Topps cards alongside Sy Berger and Frank Slocum. The cards/stickers are often merely cut from the covers of his yearly baseball books and treated as collectibles. They're not my favorite Yount oddball items because of their small size, but with this Yount/Eldred combo, which has a perforated edge at the top, exhibits traditional card dimensions. Definitely a cool item.

This card is part of the All-Decades Team sets produced by the local newspaper, The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, in 2002. There is a 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s set. I've seen these at shops and shows, always in full set form (about 20 cards each, I'm guessing), and with a price tag around $15-$25. That has always been too much for me to spend when all I want is one card from each set. As a standalone purchase, though, I couldn't resist.

From time to time I will find one of these cards, which were distributed by the Milwaukee Police Department, as well as those of some of the surrounding municipalities. I immediately jump on any Yount cards from the suburban departments, and today was no exception. Lannon itself barely qualifies as a village, as it is nearly unincorporated. Well, its Wiki page lists the year 2000 population as 1,009, but I'm guessing that's a tad high. Lannon is probably best known for having a large quarry. I'm not sure when it was filled with water, but now it's a popular dive site for scuba enthusiasts. Makes me think of Breaking Away. Arrgh, those bastard Italians!

This last one's not a Yount card, but a 1977 Topps Perry Smith. The tomfoolery of that hairstyle and the accompanying 'stache was too good to pass up.

The total price for these super-hard-to-find Robin Yount cards: $9.00.
A good start to what will be a memorable day.

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