Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Cavalvade of Cups

The homework has been turned in and graded. I asked you to show me your cups, and everyone who responded is getting an "A." Well done, class.

(On a serious note, I"d appreciate any words of support you can give for public school educators. Right now Wisconsin is going through a monumental challenge to the bargaining rights of union workers. Our fascist governor, Scott Walker, is imposing draconian budget cuts that will harm the state's children. I'm not going to pretend that the protests I've been a part of are all about "saving the children." If fascist governor Walker's bill passes tonight, or early the next morning, a serious blow has been dealt to public workers all over America, and a terrible message about public service will be sent. If you have ever driven on streets that have been cleared of snow, if your garbage gets picked up on a regular basis, if you've sent a child to a public school, or if you've felt the security that comes with knowing criminals are kept behind bars under the watch of union guards, then your life has been made better by a public employee. And if you're a Wisconsin resident reading this, make a point to thank a teacher. It looks like we'll be bearing the brunt of our state's economic crisis, a relatively small number of individuals shouldering the load for all citizens.)

Here's a look at the assignments:
-TheBrooklynMet has a cup from just about everywhere

-Ike's Cards proves that a great logo and color scheme make for great-looking cups

-Manupatches & Chrome Scratches reps Nebraska cuppage

-The Call of Cardboard wants to show you his Sox and Sidewinders (among others)

-Orioles Card "O" the Day has a few, you guessed it, Orioles cups

-Blue Heaven has a ton of beverage receptacles

Thanks to everyone who participated. I'll be back at a later date with some more cups of my own.


Mad Guru said...

Mr. Thorzul,

Mad Guru took a picture of his cup but has yet to download it to his computer and write the post. He has been very busy with other assignments. Could you possibly give him an extension of a few days to get the assignment done? He is very excited and wants to do well on this assignment.

Mad Guru's Mom

Thorzul said...

Ms. Guru,

I will grant an extension to Mad Guru, provided he stays in from recess to finish his assignment.

-Mr. Thorzul

Cardsplitter said...

Your governor is a douche, maybe as big a douche as my governor. He hires his staff at twice the price of the previous governors, and looks to cut education by 10%.

When I am president, those assholes will be first against the wall.

Cardsplitter, husband of teacher.

New Buffalo MI fishing said...

You would rather cut the pay, and take away the right to do anything about it of average hard working people making about 50k and less than raise taxes on the 2% of people who are the only ones to see their pay increase over the decade? That just don't make no walking around sense. You must have manure for brains.

Duane said...

i concur with cardsplitter as we share the same governor....although I call him King John the Douchebag.....

Thorzul..... as Twice endorsed by the 2 teachers union candidate in have all the support I can offer you in the fight for your ability to make a decent living as a public employee...... I really dont understand what these asshole governors are trying to prove.....