Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doctored Cards: '58 Edition

Last pickup from the February 6th show, I promise.
Along with a nice gaggle of super-cheap '59s, I found this poor little Gizmo that begged me to come home with me.

1958 Topps #303 Neil Chrisley

Good-NESS, that previous owner really, really wanted Chrisley to play for the Mets. All of the Mets designations remind me of many of the Joker splash images I've seen in various comics and other related paraphernalia.

Turns out, Neil (officially, Barbra O'Neil Chrisley) never played a game for the Mets. Thank heavens for Baseball Reference providing the guidance to find where the "Mets" doctoring originated. The Transactions section reads as such:
October 16, 1961: Purchased by the New York Mets from the Milwaukee Braves.
April 2, 1962: Returned to the Milwaukee Braves by the New York Mets following previous purchase.

So, the Mets brought Chrisley back to Milwaukee, forward thinking enough to have saved the receipt. I wonder if New York got a full cash refund, or if they were only awarded in-store credit.

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