Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Group Break: 2009 A Piece of History and 2010 Famous Fabrics

Here are the last two boxes that make up the February group break.

Famous Fabrics Nicknames Ted Williams "The Splendid Splinter" Jumbo Jersey (02/09)
I'm feeling kind of bad getting the big hit this time. Two spectacular Ted Williams cards in one break?!?! Are you kidding me???

Albert Pujols Gold Parallel (34/50)
These come one per box, if you're lucky. Probably the best card in the box. I'd have traded getting that Williams card for hitting the gold Sabathia. One of them needs to surface someday.

Phil Coke AUTO

Jason Varitek Franchise History Jersey (129/180)
Insult added to injury. I do not expect the Red Sox to ever go unclaimed again.

Ken Griffey, Jr. Blue Parallel (015/299)
Two away from his White Sox jersey number, 17. Almost...

Rafael Furcal Box Score Memories Aqua (48/99)
Not the most amazing card, I'm just showing it because it's pretty.

A Piece of Hollywood Pants - John Hurt: Outlander
The randomization for these appears on the video...

Or if you need to know right away, they are going to Colin. Congratulations. (And by "they" I guess I mean "the pants.")

As I said in the video, let me know if there was a specific non-sports card you saw in the break that you wanted, and I'll try to get it into your team pile. Otherwise, they'll just be dealt out at random.
And the first break participant to claim it in the comments will get the blue numbered parallel Founding of New Orleans card.


Alex said...

I hope I get something good - -maybe a blue New Orleans...

Thorzul said...

It's yours, Alex.

Spankee said...

ha, I got the Outlander shirt in a box around Christmas.

Cardsplitter said...

Insult to injury indeed. At least the Williams is kind of an ugly card.

I will just keep telling myself that.


MDXS said...

Wow. I was going to claim the Red Sox, but I didn't want to dick over Cardsplitter. He always seemed to have them, so I thought a hijack would be in poor taste. All bets are off now, of course...