Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tales From the Dime Box Part I: Tradesies Fodder

The calm before last Sunday's Super Bowl storm was the Serb Hall card show, which I've already started writing about. Today, we'll finally return to some of the loot from that show by premiering what I'm calling "Tales From the Dime Box." Provided you can find a quiet corner with a 5,000-count box of ten-cent cards, good finds can be made at a card show. An away-from-the-main-corridors location is key here. Nothing is worse than repeated brushings up against your backside by a bevy of collectors with questionable grooming habits. Stay away from the main drag, show some patience, and a few treasures might be yours to take home. Here's the first little batch of what I got.

Here's a 2007 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts card of Stan Musial. I didn't feel like printing out my want lists, so I was flying without a navigator for this show. The Cuts set is getting pretty close to completion, and my instinct was correct this time, as I still needed this card. I also decided on a Willie Stargell, but that one turned out to be a double.

Dime boxes are great places to get a speculative trade started. I've been closely following the Trade Stacks offered up by Nachos Grande. It's a great idea, and I would jump at making a trade if I saw anything I needed. I know he's going after the Fleer Greats insert sets, so I picked up this Tom Seaver on spec. Turns out he already had it, but that's okay, it'll just go into my collection.

I picked these Frank Thomas promotional samples with Steve from White Sox Cards in mind. If you need either one, just holler and they're yours.

Going after errors isn't really one of my practices, but if I collect a player, I certainly wouldn't mind getting my hands on some sort of variation or mistake of a card. This 2008 Goudey Prince Fielder caught my eye. From my recollection, the Fielder card I already had in my binder didn't strike me as being this red in hue. It interested me enough to spare ten pennies for it.

Sure enough, when I got home and pulled out my original copy, you can easily see the difference in shading. Someone at Upper Deck got all magenta happy and took a good time too far. The backs of these are identical, the standard green print. My guess is that this was done to make O.J. seem more guilty.

More Tales From the Dime Box to look forward to, kiddies. I'll keep you posted.

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