Monday, February 14, 2011

Tales From the Dime Box Part II: Numbered Goodness

If someone asks if you are a god, you say, "YES!"

Concurrently, if someone puts serial numbered cards in a dime box, you say, "SOLD!"
(Okay, this may not apply to EVERY serial numbered card, but when they go down to 10 copies, regardless of the set, you hit that.)

The first bunch was a pair of 2010 Topps Gold parallels. One is a Logan Andrusek, the other a Travis Snider. Numbered cards are always nice throw-ins for trades. My numbered card binder is usually a revolving door set-up whose contents change from week to week.

Although Manny Ramirez is on his quest to become public enemy number one in the eyes of every single team, picking up one of his cards, even a Moments & Milestones, numbered to 25 is a good idea.

The same can be said for these examples of Miguel Cabrera and Matt Holliday, each numbered to 10 copies. As an added bonus, these parallels actually look good. Meaningless, but still cool looking.

If you think my argument thus far has been bullshit, allow me one final attempt to convince you. Shiny Heritage, no matter what, needs to come home with you if all it's costing you is a thin dime. Case closed.

More Ten-Cent Adventures are on the way. See you in thirty! (Actually, it'll be a lot sooner than that.)


SpastikMooss said...

What in the world? Crazy dime box, I'm quite jealous!

deal said...

Great Dime box. Being a big fan of the dime box, it always interesting to see what is out there. and I think every oneo those cards would have made it into the Phungo collection had I found them in a Dimer.