Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tales From the Quarter Box Part I: Corrected Error Madness

You read that right: I've been rummaging through the quarter box this time. Actually, I had to visit the local mall-based card shop to pick of some card infrastructure last weekend, top loaders and penny sleeves and such. Before I grabbed the necessities, I took a quick spin through some 5,000-count 25-cent boxes, adding about $2.00 to my total. I know what you're thinking, "high roller," am I right?
In this small lot I got a few 2010 A&G National Animals that I needed, one weird oddball card that you won't be seeing for quite a while, and the beauty seen below.

1984 Doruss #1 Robin Yount Diamond Kings

Back in December, I discussed the existence of two distinct sets of 1984 Diamond Kings. The first (and what some readers helped me understand was the more common, as well) set of Diamond Kings, erroneously credit "Perez-Steel Galleries" as the artists behind these portraits, with "Steel" (which should be spelled "Steele") being the mistake. As you can see on this side-by-side shot, with the new quarter box card on the right, and the one I already owned on the left, the difference is pretty easy to spot. I now have the rarer version, the corrected "Steele" version, in my collection.

With some additional input from readers, I've learned that the corrected versions were placed only in factory sets, making them rarer than the errors. So there you have it, the first Tale From the Quarter Box. Thanks to whoever busted up that factory set to send this card hurtling my way through the cosmos. No, really, I think fate had something to do with it. When I approached the quarter boxes, one of the rows of cards had a gap opened in the middle of the row, with this card facing the front. Not sure if I would even have dug through them had this not been the case.

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Fuji said...

Thanks for the history lesson... Gotta love errors from the 80's. I'm off to check out my 84 Donruss Diamond Kings.