Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thorzul's Millions Have Arrived!

Yesterday a familiar sight arrived in my mailbox, courtesy of the Topps Company, New Castle, DE. That's right, my Million Card Giveaway requested cards are in my hands.
Without buying a ton of Topps last year, I did manage to acquire a small handful of codes. I won a few packs of Topps in a contest, and I got a few code cards in my yearly box of Update. Through some shrewd trading, I turned these into six vintage (pre-1981, to me) Topps baseball cards. Let's have a look-see.

1. 1955 Topps #45 Hank Sauer
By a wide margin, this was the card more traders wanted to get their hands on than any other. Sauer was the 1952 NL MVP, and an All-Star in 1950 and 1952. He is also currently tied for 139th place on the all-time career home runs list, alongside Del Ennis and Bob Johnson with 288. Current players Aramiz Ramirez and Magglio Ordóñez are each one home run ahead of Sauer, and free agent Garret Anderson is trailing him by one. With two HRs last year and no team currently picking him up, Anderson may not get to pass Sauer.

2. 1955 Topps #30 Vic Power
This was another one the MCG trolls wanted to get their greasy mitts on, but I wouldn't let them. This card, like the Sauer, has a few fuzzy corners, but is in overall great shape. I have to say I am pleased with the condition of the cards I received. Here's the most interesting fact about Power (aside from the story of his name, too long to go into here), copied straight from Wikipedia:
He is one of only five batters, through August 2009, to have hit both a leadoff and walkoff home run in the same game (having done so in 1957), the others being Billy Hamilton (1893), Darin Erstad (2000), Reed Johnson (2003), and Ian Kinsler (2009).

1956 Topps #129 Jake Martin
Whoa, that is a heckuva 95/5 border there!
The batting helmet is dorky, but cool in an Olerudish sort of way, and one of the cartoons on the back shows Paul Charles Martin (where did he get "Jake" from?) training to become a minister in the off-season.

1965 Topps #417 Ed Brinkman
No blue ink signature on this one, as the Topps stock photo seemed to suggest, but I wasn't really expecting one anyways. Nice card.

1972 Topps # 29 Bill Bonham
This is supposedly the "A" variant of this card. A "B" variant also exists, with the major difference being the green (instead of yellow) coloration on the underside of the "C" and "S" in "CUBS." Very happy with the shape this card is in.

1979 Topps #104 Johnny Oates
This was the card that was in my virtual collection for the shortest time. I had just completed my 1982 Topps set via other means, so my Tommy John card was quietly asked to leave. Luckily, someone really wanted that John, offering me the Oates in return. And that's why it's mine now.

I still have a 1980 Randy Stein and a 1982 Tim Foli in my collection, which can be yours with any trade offer. No offer refused!


Matt F. said...

I unlocked that exact '72 Bill Bonham card and I get a ton of offers for it. I wonder which color version I'll get.

Matt F. said...

So if I've done it right I think I've offered you a couple of my scrub million card giveaway cards for your '80 Stein and '82 Foli.

Thorzul said...


Trades accepted!
Enjoy those two cards.

madding said...

I just tried to order two of my cards, but the stupid thing crashed mid-order. I guess I should wait a few days before I try again to make sure they didn't already take my $3.45.

Kevin said...

My favorite Vic Power tidbit. During his first season in the Yankees organization, he reportedly entered a restaurant in the South and was informed that they did not serve colored people. He replied, "That's OK, I don't eat colored people. I just want rice and beans."

AdamE said...

I unlocked that same 56 Jake Martin card. I however traded mine for a 57 Gene Stephens. I requested my 2 lonely MCG cards to ship this past Monday. My other card was a 72 Nagy that Collective Troll was trying to dump cause he wasn't shipping. I gave up some 2004 National player and a 1980 Cardinal for it.

GCA said...

Just ordered my 44 cards from them Sunday. Got to thinking about the whole Millions thing and wrote a bit about it. http://thecollectivemind.blogspot.com/2011/02/comments-on-topps-giveaways.html

W. Edward Sauer said...

LoL I ran across this post so I thought I would say hi. The first card you have posted above, Hank Sauer, is my Grandfathers Brother (great uncle). Hank Sauer's brother was also a ball player named Ed Sauer. Ed sauer is my Grandfather. Let me tell you, BOTH Eddy & Hank were the most honest, stand-up, funny, easy-going, fun, good-natured people you'd probably EVER meet. They were both really great guys and fun to be around.