Saturday, March 12, 2011

Group Break: Rock, Chalk, The Hawk

Here's our first box from the March group break.

Our big hit: Andre Dawson/Tim Raines Dual AUTO #ULT-DR (03/25)
Not the greatest card, but the signatures are on-card and spectacular. Dawson's autograph is especially nice. And is that an accent mark I see? Very classy!

Our base cards were Prince Fielder, B.J. Upton, and John Smoltz, all numbered out of 350.

Now the hard part. The Hawk-Rock card can only go to one person. Tunguska had the Cubs, and Chris Mays received the Expos. This will be randomed off today between the two. All I need is a commenter to decide for us if it will go to slot 1 or slot 2 after the 3x randomization. This part sucks, since someone will be disappointed.

This weekend is also turning out to be very busy, so I may not get to the other box (and the surprise bonus) until later. I appreciate your patience.


Mad Guru said...

Slot 2. Even though Dawson is truly an Expo and there should be no randomization in my opinion.

The Dimwit said...

Just cut the card in half... ;)

hiflew said...

Cool auto, although I read the Andre Dawson as Cyber Dawson. Seriously, what letter is that extra loop for?