Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Told You So

After taking a little bit of heat for this post back in February, I feel a sense of vindication following last night's Ohio St. loss to Kentucky. The Buckeyes really did turn out to be faux good, not "faux real," as someone commented. Unworthy of the Final Four, to be sure. The exact quote was, "I'm not going to pretend to be able to predict this year's Final Four, but I will say that OSU doesn't belong." The pictures tell the story better than I can.

As it turns out, maybe I can predict the Final Four. If I did my math correctly, the result of the UK/OSU game guaranteed my success in my fantasy bracket pool. I still have UConn, North Carolina, Florida, and Kansas alive as my Final Four picks. Too bad this league's not for money, just for fun.

To top it off, don't you think it's rather dickish to include this in the header of the Columbus Dispatch sports section? I'm no Michigan fan, but that's unnecessary and contributes to bad karma.

Faux good. Mark it, dude.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeef jelly!


Nathan said...

Okay, I suppose I'll eat my words.

Although getting buzzer-beat by Kentucky in the sweet sixteen isn't an embarrassing way to go. I still say that that was a great OSU team that lost last night.

So I guess I'm only willing to eat a few of my words :P

Cardsplitter said...

Sweet 16 isn't good?

Also, I don't think you really understand the rivalry. Don't think for a second the Freep or News wouldn't have something similar if the Wolverines had beaten the Buckeyes in the last 7 years.