Monday, March 21, 2011

March Group Break: 2005 Throwback Threads (At Last!)

I finally got a few free moments to rip, record, and post. This was a so-so box until the very last pack. The start of the video also includes the randomization of the Dawson/Raines card.

Stan Musial (Sweet!) (069/100)

David Ortiz (287/500)

Jeff Bagwell (009/250)

Killer break for Tunguska and IkesCards. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm currently scouting some boxes for April.


The Notorious B.U.D. said...

Great Musial! Can't wait to see what April holds...thanks again Thorzul!

IkesCards said...

Sweet! I wish I was at home when Isaac saw this post just to see the look on his face. At the rate you pull Cardinals, we may just prepay for group breaks for the rest of the year... or at least an automatic paypal at the first of every month. :-)