Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Group Break: 2003 Donruss Elite

One of the boxes came early, yippee! Let's see what we got.

Here's what the base cards look like. They don't scan well, but the fronts have the same team color stripes on top and bottom like the backs.

Best hit of the box, Hideo Nomo patch (009/250)

Jason Giambi bat (377/400)

Brad Radke Aspirations die-cut parallel (13/78)

I think I missed it on the video, but this Millwood Highlights card is numbered (341/500).

Jason Lane Back to the Future (0965/1000)

Gehrig and Johnson inserts

Nic Jackson rookie (0226/1750)

I hope you're looking forward to the Retired Signature box, scheduled to arrive Monday. See you then.


Tunguska said...

Nice hit for hiflew with the Mets on Nomo.

Can't wait to see the Retired Sigs box.

hiflew said...

Yeah I was about to congratulate the Mets on that hit...then I realized I had the Mets lol. Sweet patch and I like that several different people were rewarded with a hit this time along with Tunguska's usual multiple hits. Congrats to all.