Saturday, April 23, 2011

Completion!: "Roger, Roger. What's Our Vector, Victor?" Edition

If you had any inkling at all what the topic of this post might have been from the title alone, you're alright in my book.
This week I was able to acquire the last part of the 13-card Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Commemorative Series, an insert set from 2001-02 Topps basketball. This set reprints Kareem's cards from his 1969-70 rookie card with the Milwaukee Bucks (albeit in smaller dimensions) to his days with the Lakers and his 1981-82 Topps issue.

As I've probably stated before, building this set completely might be a task that I am never able to accomplish. The Alcindor/Kareem cards are not all that hard to find, but getting them at the right price can be an issue. I am also a card or two away from the complete Lottery Legends and Mad Game insert sets, but those will come along in time. The real challenge is finding all of the short printed draft pick rookies. The problem with those is that a portion of them were available only as redemptions, and everybody I still need is a no-name rookie that nobody seems to think is worth selling on the open market anymore. Let's run down the list of these guys, shall we? I'll also be listing their most recent professional team so you can truly get a feel for their journeymen status.
235 Steven Hunter: 2009-10 Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) 7.5 MPG
237 Michael Bradley: 2008-09 BK Amager (Denmark)
241 Joseph Forte: 2009-10 Nuova Pallacanestro Pavia (Italy)
242 Jeryl Sasser: 2008-09 Al Arabi (Kuwait)
248 Trenton Hassell: 2009-10 New Jersey Nets 4.5 PPG
253 Ousmane Cisse: 2009-10 APOEL Nicosia (Cyprus)
The Cisse card is the only one I've located. If you know the whereabouts of any of these other draft picks, I'd be a happy guy.

And by the way, here is the rest of the Kareem insert set. That '76-77 card (last one in the second row) is pretty classic.

"Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes."


longlivethewho said...

I believe I sent you the '76-'77 one. Congrats on completing the set.

Fuji said...

Sweet set... I'm a big fan of reprint sets, since I usually can't afford the originals. Congratulations on completing it.

Play at the Plate said...

Great post title. I need to revisit that particular piece of cinematic genius.