Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Group Break Stumbling Block: Input Needed!!!

I've run into a bit of a problem with the April group break. Don't worry, your money is safe, there will just be a delay. The store I ordered the boxes from is not one of the bigger-name retailers. (I'm not going to name them yet, depending on how this all shakes out.) Apparently it is this store's practice to have you order the boxes without paying for them, at which point the owners will check their stock to see if they have it (which is odd, since their site already lists if a product is out of stock), and if they do have it, they will send you an invoice. I placed my order last Tuesday, received a return email with my order request information, then... nothing. I called the store on Friday afternoon and was assured by a woman that she and the owner would soon be verifying that the boxes were in stock. After a silent weekend, I sent an email to the store on Monday evening. It's Tuesday afternoon, and I've still heard nothing.

Rest assured, I am NEVER going in their direction again. The money all participants paid is still sitting in my PayPal account, safe and sound.

The problem here is that 2003 Fleer Mystique boxes are impossible to find. We're still going with the Topps Retired Signature box, but the second one needs to be replaced. Here's the deal: I've found another source (reliable, this time) for the Retired box, and I'd like to present you with a few choices for the replacement. I realize that this is not what you bargained for, and I'd understand if anyone wants to drop out and get their money back. But if you want to hang around, I've got some nice choices for you, probably better than the Mystique.

Staying with the same year, I've narrowed it down to three choices. If you are a participant, leave a comment about your preference, and I'll go with the majority. They are:
2003 Fleer Focus
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters
2003 Donruss Elite

All three products feature then-current players, so this should be fair to teams with shorter histories (i.e. teams you won't find in a legends set).

Voice your opinion below by the end of the night, and I shall have the boxes ordered. Thanks for your patience.


beardy said...

Me thinks I just might know of the source to which you are referring. I don't really care either way. Go with the box that has the most autographs.

IkesCards said...

Ike says, "2003 Donruss Elite"

Ryan G said...

I agree with beardy, whichever gets the most hits. If it's a tossup I'd prefer Elite.

hiflew said...

I'd prefer either Focus or Elite. No preference between the two.

Tunguska said...

I'm partial to anything but if I have to pick, I say 'Focus'.

Retrofan said...

For purely beneficial reasons, I say Elite.

PunkRockPaint said...

Yeah, I always liked Elite.