Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taking a Gamble: Masterpieces Edition

Last night I pulled the trigger on a card I've been watching on eBay for a couple of weeks. While searching for something else, I came across a 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces card of Josh Hamilton that just didn't look right to me. Here's the image used in the auction:
Yes, that looks like a complete plate reversal to me. For $5.25 shipped, I could have a card with some pretty nice resale value on my hands. The only problem is, what will it look like when it arrives?
Is this card actually an error, or has the original image been manipulated (either accidentally or on purpose) prior to being listed for sale? I decided not to ask the seller, for fear that the question would lead to a realization which would in turn lead to the card being pulled. (In case you're wondering, it was a Buy It Now with no Best Offer option.)

A few things lead me to believe that this card has at least some chance of being an error.
1. The seller has a fairly large eBay storefront. This is the type of thing that a seller with thousands of cards for sale might miss.
2. I checked through a bunch of this seller's other cards, and none of them looked to be a reversed image. This is something fairly easy to accomplish with a photo editor, but to do it once and not list the card as an error doesn't seem likely.
3. Not too long ago, I Am Joe Collector showed off a 2008 Masterpieces Football error where the textured surface of the card stock was on the back of a card, not the front. Could other mistakes be possible?

I couldn't find any other instances of Josh Hamilton error cards, nor were there any 2007 Masterpieces errors to be found, either. For reference, here's a base Hamilton and a green framed parallel.

I'll reveal the true nature of this card when it arrives later this week. Even if it turns out to be normal-looking, it's not too bad a price to pay for a nice Hamilton card numbered to 75.


Chris Crook said...

Some incompetent scanner usage, most likely.

Anonymous said...

He was trimming the edges in MS Paint, and forgot to return the image to normal after flipping horizontal.

Fuji said...

Error cards rule... I hope it turns out to be a reverse negative.