Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Did I Buy This? #1

Packages come in the mail. Sometimes, you are so eagerly anticipating them, you are checking the mailbox every fifteen minutes. Other times, you have no idea what might be in the package, even though you purchased the cards mere days ago. You might even be looking right at the card without registering what it is for a few seconds until it hits you. Today's package fit into the latter category. Why did I buy this?

Exhibit A:
2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection #CC-ALR Anthony Reyes (Game-Worn Gray)

Why Did I Buy This?:
Well, as the first difficult-to-complete set I went after following my reemergence into the hobby, I have a very soft spot in my heart for 2007 Heritage. Mushy, in fact. Maybe even gloopy.
Believe it or not, I had been unofficially collecting the Clubhouse Collection relics from this set, with this Reyes card being the 15th. I've been too lazy to look at the checklist to find what I need, but this seems like a pretty good number if I wanted to get serious about it. As I recall, those checklists are on the backs of the team cards, so it will take a bit of searching. Some of the more difficult ones I have are Albert Pujols, Brooks Robinson, and Duke Snider. It's probably been about two years since I've added to the collection. The cards look great, they remind me of how different my life was four years ago and the thrill I got when a Moises Alou jersey card came tumbling out of a pack, and this puppy was only $0.99 prior to shipping.
Why I Should Not Have Bought This:
Reyes is not on an official Major League roster at the moment. After being one of the heroes of the 2006 World Series, he's fallen further and further off the baseball radar. He got into a few games for the Indians in 2009, but nothing since then. Will we ever see him in the bigs again?

Exhibit B:
2005 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads #TT-8 Dale Murphy (Game-Worn White) (097/150)

Why Did I Buy This?:
Easy decision to pick this one up. Same seller. Minimal shipping increase. Ninety-nine cents.
All you can get for that low of a price is something off of Taco Bell's value menu along with a one-way conversation with the bowl forty minutes later.
Another believe it or not, there is another blog guy out there who, rumor has it, cheers for the At-lanta Braves. Perhaps this card might only be a temporary addition to my collection. If not, I promise to love it and its nice big swatch of jersey.
Why I Should Not Have Bought This:
Not anywhere to be found on the Lists of Want. This turned not to be good enough of a reason to avoid buying this card. It almost makes up for the Dr. Dirt/Mr. Clean debacle of 1991.

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Kevin said...

I have Chris Carpenter's jersey relic from 2007 Heritage. If you want or need it, shoot me an email (brotz13 at gmail dot com) and we can talk trade.