Saturday, April 16, 2011

zoolBay #3 - Stan the Man

Up for bid today is a 2003 Topps Gallery Hall of Fame Stan Musial Artist's Proof #52b Night Variation. Quite a mouthful for just one card, but it's one any collector would want.
A little background might be necessary here. Artist's Proof cards came one per pack in this product. These are shiny like refractor cards. The set also included a variant for each base card, where something in the painting was changed from the original. Oft-used changes were bat and cap colors, background colors, and the switch of an outdoor scene from day to night.
In very rare cases, this Artist's Proof card contained the art variation. These parallels of parallels came only one per box. With a checklist of 75 players, getting the one guy you want was a difficult proposition.

The Stan Musial card above is indeed one of these one-per-box beauties. The shininess has been diminished by the scanner, but I assure you it is the real thing.
The back of the Musial card for sale also has silver ink, while the base cards are printed in gold.

One further reference piece, these are Musial cards from my collection (not a part of this auction). On the left we have the common Artist's Proof with the daytime background, and on the right is the common daytime base card.

As a bonus, I'm throwing in a Bill Mazeroski Artist's Proof. This is the more common picture, showing Mazeroski in a white sleeveless uniform.

For the Musial and the Mazeroski, bidding shall start at $40.00, with 50-cent bid increases thereafter. The auction will end Tuesday night. This is a great deal for a very hard-to-find card. The only other one I've been able to find for sale is going for $75.00.

Happy bidding!

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IkesCards said...

I must have missed this post. Did this ever sell?