Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 100 Best Finds in a 30-Dollar Lot: #8

I'll bet some of you got a little curious when you saw the picture of a possible box of Bowman Platinum peeking out from one of the seller's pictures. Let me preface this by stating that not even I bought a single pack of that wretched stuff. This isn't to say that there aren't good cards to be found in the set, but I prefer my baseball cards not to be printed on Reynolds Wrap.

In the interest in actually getting to the cards in this post, yes, included in this lot was the equivalent of a retail box of 2010 Bowman Platinum. Now, I'll never know if I am getting the complete contents, since the cards were already opened, but the original owner did not cherry pick all of the interesting cards from the box. Here are two serial numbered cards of the same player.
2010 Bowman Platinum #PP41 Scott McGough Refractor (759/999) and Gold Refractor (238/539)

Refractors are those rare cards that actually scan better than they look in person. That gold one really pops off the screen. I know absolutely nothing about this McGough kid, and I'm not going to waste any time looking him up, either. I lack the patience required of a good prospector. My outlook on rookies is a lot closer to Homer Simpson's expectations regarding his purchase of Bart's first guitar: "Now, boy, we spent a lot of money, so you'd better get real good real fast, or POW!"

Yeah, not a lot of patience on my part.


unclemoe said...

Looks like he goes to college at the University of Oregon.


Ryan G said...

I put my extra Bowman Platinum cards under my pizzas when I microwave them to get a crispy crust.