Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anatomy of a Fake-Out Bipping

One man among us has perfected the art of the Bip, and he is Chris Harris from Stale Gum.
He has been known to send a package my way from time to time. A week (or was it two weeks?) ago was one of those times. I've been Galarragaed by Stale Gum, as well as Bucked. What was in store for me this time?

Not to disappoint you, but this turned out to be merely Bip League Psych Out Stuff. Actually, this was quite a nice surprise. My heart rate started to rise, but in the end I got a few nice Brew Crew cards out of the affair. Let me walk you through the steps of an effective Fake-Out Bipping.

A. Fair warning.
This dummy slab lets the recipient know that behind it, there could be just about anything. Ye Be Warned!

B. Mini-Bip
The sense of dread takes over at this point. Four Rickie Weeks Heritage cards portend the possible existence of more beneath. Step lively, collectors.

C. Complete Asshole
If there are any more Sheffields under here, it will completely ruin my day.

D. Yount Cards I Already Have
This a a requisite phenomenon for any unsolicited Brewers package. No, really. Anytime you send me some random Brewers cards, there must be at least 3-5 Robin Yount cards I already have stuck somewhere in there.

E. Cards That Done Been Scritched 'Stead Uh With a Real Picher

F. Hooray!
The tenderloin of this package emerges with a Prince Fielder card I didn't have yet.

2011 Topps Heritage Stamps Fielder/Hart (14/62)

The only downside of that last awesome card, and I 'm really stretching here, is that these stamps are only considered legal postage by the Magyar Posta (Hungary) and certain impoverished Eastern Caribbean island nations. So, I you receive an anonymous postcard from St. Lucia, it might be from me.

Thanks again, brotha.

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