Friday, May 13, 2011

May Randomization

Well, after that Blogger mess from the past couple of days, we're finally ready to randomize the May group break. A couple of people stepped in and picked up all of the remaining slots except one, so I'm filling out the break by taking the Pirates. They had an amazing month in April, and perhaps we can hit a nice Clemente or something.

The National Pastime box is sitting on my dining room table, ready to be busted. The Sweet Spot are both going to be picked up from the post office tomorrow morning. Can you believe that even though I left a note basically granting full immunity to loss of the parcel to the USPS, they would still not leave it without a signature confirmation? That's serious business right there.

EDIT: The mail carrier actually came back as requested in my note so I could sign the delivery confirmation after I got home from work. Chalk one up for a great job done by a unionized public worker!

Also, there are still two participants who need to pay for their slot. Please do so ASAP so I don't have to call you out in front of the entire class.

Okay, here's the full randomization results:

1. Angels - BS
2. Athletics - gcrl
3. Rangers - Tunguska
4. Mariners - Beardy
5. White Sox - Thorzul
6. Indians - Axemanohio
7. Royals - Thorzul
8. Twins - IkesCards
9. Tigers - Alex
10. Red Sox - Retrofan
11. Yankees - Teddy Dziuba
12. Blue Jays - DaVe
13. Orioles - Beardy
14. Rays - Teddy Dzubia
15. Cubs - Tunguska
16. Cardinals - IkesCards
17. Brewers - Thorzul
18. Pirates - Thorzul
19. Astros - Chris Mays
20. Reds - Alex
21. Padres - Retrofan
22. Diamondbacks - hiflew
23. Dodgers - gcrl
24. Giants - BS
25. Rockies - hiflew
26. Braves - Chris Mays
27. Nationals/Expos - BS
28. Mets - DaVe
29. Phillies - BS
30. Marlins - Axemanohio

Trading will be open until later tonight. Just prior to the break I will announce the closing of the trading period in the comments. Good luck!


hiflew said...

Hey Thorzul, before I get called out. I am having weird issues with my Paypal account. I should have them resolved by Monday (hopefully). If not, I will send you a money order via express snail mail. I promise I am good for it.

Also, the D-Backs are available to anyone that wants to make a deal.

Thorzul said...

hiflew, that's fine with me. Actually, I'm having trouble paying with my account as well. It turns out I hit my spending limit with this break and just needed to get verified. Maybe you could look into that as the possible problem?

hiflew said...

Actually my issue has to do with the second Paypal account I set up for my own group break. I spent my personal money on everything and was going to transfer everyone else's money back to my main after collecting. Basically now all the money I collected from everyone is sitting there dead until I get a second bank account verified and can transfer the money to my main. Totally a pain on the butt for a few days, but what can you do?

Thorzul said...

Trading is closed.