Friday, May 20, 2011

No Turning Back Now

Today's mail brought forth a quartet of 2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection relics. Yes, it's official... I am going after the set. I'm in with both feet, the toothpaste can't go back in the tube, and Pandora's Box has been sliced open.
Here's how I got four steps closer.

Johan Santana Jersey & B.J. Upton Bat

Jose Vidro Bat & Rafael Furcal Bat

If you are looking to get rid of any of your Clubhouse Collection cards from 2007 Heritage, I'd love to make a trade. The list can be found here. Let's go relic for relic.

A nice little add-on to this deal was a pair of bookends, the likes of which I wrote about back in April. I'm not sure how much support can be given to what were some already well-packaged cards, but I'm willing to bet that the flimsiest baseball card set in recorded history isn't the best way to go. That's right, one of the bookends was 1981 Donruss #508 Bill Travers. The other was actually a pretty cool card, 1989-90 NBA Hoops #250 Cliff Robinson RC. Robinson is probably best remembered for being one of the only guys in the 1990s NBA to wear a headband. In his own little way, I suppose you can say that he blazed a trail for LeBron.

That Robinson card begs the question: Did the disappearance of the high-top fade compel Cliff to switch to an elastic headband?

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